Teach you to do Taobao fast moneyTaobao customers how to do on line 4 days to complete 20 transactio

Teach you to do Taobao fast moneyTaobao customers how to do on line 4 days to complete 20 transactio

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currently uses Adwords as Taobao’s guest, more and more people, many of them are single page websites. Search for the Taobao crown shop in shlf1314 and you’ll be ok

1, visit a few more successful experience, do not blindly start, be careful not to choose the wrong direction, one not said, fear is to dispel the original copy of


website is set up, but how to make website promotion out, the final deal, profit from? First of all, my program is directly found on the Internet, certainly a lot of people are using the same procedure, if it is difficult to make sure the SEO, at least not soon see the effect. Secondly I have plenty of time to promote, I would also like to go to work. Finally, I decided to advertise with shlf1314 Adwords because it was low cost. Immediately with 50 yuan opened a Adwords households, in January 10th evening put the ad on the line.

3., Taobao crown shop category this category has Taobao crown shop Guinness, 100%, high praise shop, Taobao 100, collection, popular shops, etc.


Tao guest promotion, that is to help Taobao to earn commissions advertising. There are two main types of commission. One is the promotion of Taobao, which means that someone else has bought the goods you promoted from you, and Taobao officials directly deduct your commission from you. Another is the advertising alliance style, that is, as long as someone clicks on you to promote merchandise advertising, you have money, this range is slightly broader.

by www.17146

just contact guest novices, you are not only for others to see how much money do guest, but I do not know where to start? In fact, many types of sites are suitable for Taobao customers, such as a plug in my station, just opened soon, I’m going to do a shopping channel, Taobao put off the goods from a rookie to Amoy, gold to become a master, I can provide the following suggestions:


1., Taobao TOP-API type mostly using the Taobao open platform to get a lot of commodity information

2, according to your own conditions, choose your own methods, such as full-time or part-time, and your own advantages, etc., to see what kind of promotion you need to do.

3, the choice of goods must not be too miscellaneous, it is best to choose similar or similar commodity promotion, so that it is easy to cause customer related consumption, improve the collection rate.

night advertising effect emerged, has continued to have access to my site. My daily advertising budget is 50 yuan, today is fourth days, the current transaction of 20 transactions, the total income of about 300 yuan.

January 10th weekend at home boring, so open Ali mother’s website, roughly understand Taobao guest, Taobao guest is actually Taobao shopping guide, and the next big shopping mall shopping guide almost. The impulse to register an account, when I see the "Taobao customers a week down, I was surprised! A week income can reach 38254, which can be the equivalent of my income for a year, even a week fix the others.

2. Taobao customer acquisition category from Ali mother website collection commission high commodity

in contributions!

Taobao customers, earn 10000 yuan a month occupation, is a lot of people are looking forward to income, I work every day, overtime income is only about 3000 yuan, not as good as a Taobao’s income. Recently, the friends around are doing Taobao customers, every day in the discussion, today and income of dozens, hundreds of, listening to my heart itch.

5, not straightforward in the promotion of advertising, the website is full of ads, has let the public eye fatigue, and you can make explicit promotion, everyone will form his strong state, group by ShanTie is your end. Should be better to use some soft text, if you do not really good writing, you can go to the site to pick up the essence of others, a little modification,


4. common website inclusion Taobao customers recommended

4, according to the familiarity of the commodity and the selection of merchandise categories, such as the use of goods according to customer performance on its classification, determine the various customer groups in what time, browse what website, so as to reduce the useless propaganda targeted,

in Ali mother community inside, roughly understand what to do Taobao guest direction:

through my understanding, I chose to promote the shop, so I used the Internet to find a Taobao crown shop Guinness program code, built a tao10086. Web site is very crude, welcome to comment.


do guest, focus on the promotion, you can promote your website, can also advertise a single product, the method must create new styles, you can do the advertisement, can also launched a number of promotional activities to attract public attention, what can you do what, if not illegal, you are cheating, the ordinary people, no the relationship between.

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