Taobao off the ultimate solution you really learn the guestWhy do you want to be an English website

Taobao off the ultimate solution you really learn the guestWhy do you want to be an English website

August 6, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

see more soft Wen, have to admire today’s webmaster, all story compiled people’s heart surging. What Taobao customer monthly income of over 10000, what college students can not find work for Taobao customers a monthly income of 5000. How attractive figure! I just look at these articles before entering the Amoy industry.

if you want to join the online money making team and have some English fundamentals, I suggest you start doing English websites. Although English is not our mother tongue, it is more difficult to make English websites than Chinese websites. But from the point of view of earnings, it is a wise choice to be an English speaking station. Here are a few reasons I can think of:

1, in accordance with the content of the article in time to call advertising data from Alibaba, products >

from the first to build a Taobao station and then API or acquisition think the worst, I never rely on the monthly income of over thousand, to build a professional product promotion station profits products think the results were OK, I do is a toy, every Taobao 400-700IP passenger deduction technique monthly service fee is not more than 3000. Later learned much, experience is not rich but also can blow a cow. I knew the third party program, do not say we all know, is based on the key data acquisition Amoy, keywords to re layout to this blog OK, so a monthly income of 5000 finally became possible, but a little high weight blog technology is more and more strong, gradually blocked a number of blogs.

this is the three level of my guest. I think I am very hard, but still did not reach some master said easily thousand.

so far, before I began to doubt the authenticity of the guest master saw a monthly income of over million. But a senior high school classmate told me he was on a monthly income of over million amoy. So I understand that under his guidance, the original guest wants to have a good income must have a very strong program to solve these problems.

2, met second kinds of problems: first, to build a certain product data, and then put the product code amoy. The turnover ratio is very high, but most of the work needs to be done manually, a monthly income of 3-5 thousand is not a problem, but if you want to have a higher development, this is the bottleneck. The manual, and to update the code amoy.

1, met the first kind of problem: buy a guest program to build a shopping station I bought 300 ocean, bought after that is dedecms, with the locomotive acquisition. This is now the most common guest, included rankings are very poor. Many of the products were quickly lost and contributed to Taobao in vain.

according to the website related to Amoy advertising, bought a set of such procedures, encryption, but does not affect the use. So I built this now. I love my website: sirmm

3, met in third ways: in the others on the site, one is worried that others closed blog, the two is the fear of failure of Amoy code.

briefly describes this site features:

here I meet difficulties in the three level of Amoy Road:

the first and most important thing is to make English stations with higher returns. There are two ways to really make money, one is to do content sites, and then put ads such as the famous shlf1314 Adsense, visitors click on the ads on your website, you have income. The same click, the English website click income is five times, even ten times, dozens of times in general, the specific click income is determined by many factors. Second days is the way do affiliate marketing, is simply to help others in your website company or individual to sell things in the alliance platform for a link, and then put the code on your website or web page, then the commission. Two of the most famous foreign network marketing alliance platform, one is CJ sales entity commodity and Clickbank the sale of virtual goods, such as books, software, services, although I do have these two alliances, but I personally prefer to sell virtual goods on Clickbank. For example, selling a software that is priced at $49, you can get a 75% Commission virtual product more commission, usually 50%-75%, the commission that the sale of each of your software is 49× 75%=36.75 dollars, if you can sell a day on average, how much is it? 36.75× 30=1102 dollars, converted into RMB is also almost a month wages of white-collar workers. Do you think this is yourselves? Absolutely not! Many domestic CB a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, There are plenty of people who some people are getting traffic by buying advertising modes such as shlf1314 Adwords platform, which is the most effective way, but also the most in need of investment and the definition of the most risky way refer to this article: Super, Affiliate there has been a lot of people not doing affiliate, but in doing business, higher income. Sometimes, open a window, and you will find another world.

said earlier, compared to English sites, Chinese Web site access revenue PPC trend is getting lower and lower, and it is difficult to make money by shlf1314 Adsense, unless your site has a lot of traffic. The Chinese alliance marketing what? Take domestic closest to CJ marketing platform Ali mother, many owners of the system and service complaints, often follow the order not to say, the absolute supremacy of the domestic search engine sh419 is an open secret of Ali alliance is not friendly, many put.

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