Focus on creating the head content for the elderly the old housekeeper can use knowledge to pay to

Focus on creating the head content for the elderly the old housekeeper can use knowledge to pay to

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maybe you have a lot of ideas about how to build a website, but if you don’t practice it, it’s just an idea, and it won’t become a reality. And you’ll never know where the wrong ideas are, what’s the problem and how to improve them. The most important thing is that the idea of how good, do not actually operate out, others will not know. So, when you have an idea in your head, it’s best to work out a detailed plan, to improve the idea, and to carry it out and put it into action.

cooperation team

The importance of

old cloud classroom APP

it is understood that the "classics" with the old artists will be featuring by CCTV director, plans to start shooting in August, is currently planning to retire, and "where" the first stop in Japan has finished filming, post production is expected in August 1st, in a video site on-line broadcast, and the future will be television cooperation, launched for TV the broadcast of the program.



pension Butler is from the elderly culture, entertainment, education market, through the "old cloud classroom", take the knowledge paid route. The endowment house "elderly cloud classroom" has covered more than 30 pages, including songs, drama, comic, storytelling, Taiji, calligraphy, square dance, photography, erhu, flower, piano, paper-cut, lectures on health, chronic disease, nutrition, health, exercise, acupuncture, tea and so on, from entertainment to health, meet the needs of the content of elderly people. These courses include both paid courses and free content.

almost made the website all know that site is not a short duration of time can make a profit, but many webmaster in website operation in less than a year, did not see how much revenue, even may be a loss, will no longer hold on. Give up not only the website, and have always insisted on perseverance. The server hang is a hardware problem, we can prepare the standby server, data backup; do not know how to operate the site we can go to school, to enhance their knowledge reserve; the establishment of the pressure is too big, we can through to good friends to unzip, or improve their ability. These websites in the process of entrepreneurship most often appear problems can be solved, as long as we are willing to stick to it, we can make the website profit.

looked at the above summary of the points, I suddenly clear, the webmaster is not a whim, want to do, will have to plan, organize, and have to do. We need to build virtual host program, used the domain name of the website and hosting websites such as Lunarpages, the engine speed stability of the US is very good, use the coupon code China30 to buy the host can get 30% permanent concessions, so, if you already have a job, but still want to create a site, do the part-time job, I advise you or cancel the.

"where to retire" is a first – line city for retired elderly people with humanistic feelings and youthful memories of the tour program. With audio and video, graphic form introduces domestic and overseas popular attractions travel Raiders, and customized health tour, timeshare, pension and other migratory birds and old, with cloud classroom curriculum, introduced a variety of theme.

would rather do well than

insists that victory is

obviously, the old housekeeper positioning is not all the elderly, but hope to focus on grasping the elderly groups of knowledge, culture, high-quality old "elite" groups. In June this year, the pension Housekeeper on the platform of users conducted a questionnaire survey, found that 50-80 year old accounted for more than 95%, the tertiary education users reached 54.5%, and a second tier cities in the majority. And this part of the higher cultural level users are more willing to pay for content. It is understood that the survey shows that the willingness to pay for the course of the user reached about 35%. But how big is the market from across the country,

"with the old artists classics" plan signing dozens of old group singing folk operas, for having heard it many times, drama film industry old artist, select each classic, tells the story behind the creation, the corresponding skills and demonstration, teaching for the elderly.

then, the Housekeeper will build two suitable for the elderly head content. One is for the older generation of the cloud classroom, "learn from the old artists," and the other is the veteran travel program "where to retire?".

to establish a website, become a webmaster, first of all, we have to have a cooperation team. Because it is impossible for a person to manage or maintain a web site, or rely on the strength of the team. In the selection of staff team, we must be careful not to see who is more pleasing to choose who should pay attention to the specific strength of cooperation, otherwise it may not even made out of a dumpster as, and the final result is of course we each part. It is better to find some capable partners and run the website together, and the chances of success are more profitable.

with the advent of aging, the "silver hair economy" has become a growth point that can not be ignored. In addition to providing care for the elderly, the cultural and leisure education of the elderly has become a growing concern among entrepreneurs, but there are very few cultural content online for the elderly.

, a writer of online literature for some ten years, died in his rented rental house, and major Internet media reported on the story. And friends in the near future, and I still talk about whether or not to work in their own, build a website to do the webmaster to earn money, I began to tangle, do Adsense in the end is a part-time job, or is the only full-time job?

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