How to use the network for soft text transmission

How to use the network for soft text transmission

August 5, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

soft finished, just a product, need to use to reflect its value, so you need to release the soft text. In addition to the direct soft one to one directly to the target, more often need to use the influence of the third media for soft text transmission. Before, we mainly choose newspapers, but with the maturity of Internet applications, the influence of Internet media has greatly exceeded the people’s imagination. Recently I paid attention to ( webmaster network) personal feeling, this is a good webmaster network media.

soft Wen communication significance:

according to CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) on July 24th at 13:30 PM investigation report, for the first time confirmed that China’s total number of Internet users reached 253 million, more than the United States ranked first in the world. Today, the Internet has changed from the initial entertainment tools to information acquisition and communication tools, and the Internet related information is attracting more and more attention from Internet users. In the era of information explosion, the importance of brand building is self-evident, and we should try to overcome the leading position of information dissemination — internet!

soft Wen introduction:

through the third party Internet media (traditional portals, local portals, industry portals), reasonable and effective dissemination of corporate information (project enterprise daily press releases, corporate publicity, soft presentation etc.) based on the characteristics of third party Internet media (news spread fast, wide coverage, long duration, reprint rate the brand to the Internet,) directional propagation of enterprise information, the key to improve the enterprise brand awareness and favorability, loyalty!

soft Wen communication planning:

is based on the monthly communication: weekly with enterprise publicity and social hot writing press releases, and released in 3 portal; monthly 4 weeks, monthly 4 manuscripts take turns to appear in 12 portal, long-term brand building, the actual net quote Zhou Xingwei soft landing.

network media:

traditional portal site, authority is self-evident, the dissemination of enterprise information in traditional portals, with the credibility of the traditional portal as a support, it is easy to accumulate in the hearts of Internet users brand goodwill.

local portal website, because of the concentration of Internet users, is more easily accepted by local netizens, and has a strong focus on the accumulation of enterprise brand awareness in the hearts of Internet users in the metropolis.

industry portal in recent years, the rapid rise, because the audience is accurate, so it is efficient dissemination of indispensable ways, it is easy to accumulate in the hearts of Internet users corporate brand loyalty.

in addition, long news portal, and the portal site in the search engine enjoys a high rank, in the dissemination of information portal to search relevant content in Internet users when retrieved, and is often the small and medium-sized websites, blogs and forums such as transfer, forming the two spread.

now always needs press release

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