Find a good way to exchange traffic on topics related to websites

Find a good way to exchange traffic on topics related to websites

August 5, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

says ordinary friendships don’t come together for a few days at IP.

my approach isn’t particularly good or difficult to think of, but it’s very useful…

also has a funny network to find me, talking about cooperation, only to find that this method is pretty good,.


method is very simple, the two sides according to the station’s theme (preferably two complementary station), to provide a two related (or more, as long as you love) a picture or a text to each other, and then put the picture text on each station, after several days of observation adjustment. You can determine which map which can give each other to bring traffic to each other it also need to adjust the good returns the corresponding flow to you.

, for example, I was the station, find my cooperation is a funny station, a boost to a relaxed, complementary, flow interludes, the effect is good. It can be similar themes, such as the other side is a medical health station, looks like my supernatural stand but you. Can also provide some supernatural about life science picture or content to each other. Also good. Not quite agree with the same station, visitors will inevitably form single cycle phenomenon of.


this is more interactive, more free, and those mechanical special big website alliance is not the same, because the two sides can adjust according to their own needs, so that more exchanges,.

in general as long as the other station is stable, your flow is also more stable, although not necessarily 1:1 equal, but as long as not too much difference, the free flow and Why not?? (and the traffic exchange advertising can coexist, and will not occupy much good position)

test a little, a better position (not the best), a 3 thousand IP/ day the station can bring you two hundred to more than 400 IP. if you have multiple exchange stations, after adjustment to find more optimal position. Two traffic flow. The higher the station cooperation, the flow of more.

is almost like this, the method is not the best, but the practice is really better,.

this method is only suitable for those who do not do garbage stations (you can get higher traffic by other methods), honestly and hard to do the baby station, and can not improve the traffic flow of the webmaster.

My sister is more than

a word out of work. Ah… Heroes don’t laugh, I can try the shrimp.

my station (blue blood and supernatural supernatural terror network):

hopes to have more webmaster to join in, this is our flow exchange QQ group: 61675314 (webmaster interactive traffic exchange)

my QQ:190217877 extra time please specify, no welcome to porn station and chart >

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