Trends from the nternet understand that the current SEO should focus on user needs research

Trends from the nternet understand that the current SEO should focus on user needs research

August 5, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

with the development of Internet boom like, China has gradually matured and the current domestic users has reached 564 million, the year a total of 50 million 900 thousand new users, from the statistical data shows that the network market is very huge, but also was increasing year by year, for this phenomenon, with some friends to talk about in the Internet in this situation, I have always thought that social development is inevitable, no barrier, the author also predicted that the future of the Internet friends just like today’s light, is indispensable to life, this is a big trend of the development of the internet. See the current development trend of the Internet this good, many companies have set their sights on the network market, want to through the network to promote the company’s products and brands, so as to reduce the company’s operating costs, but also get a better brand image and product promotion, and get more orders, to maximize the profits of the company. So many companies are now beginning to build their own website, hire a professional SEOer personnel to optimize its promotion, in order to achieve to improve the website keyword ranking, flow rate and the final order, but for the current SEOer staff should be how to do? With the updated Baidu algorithm constantly upgrade now SEO than lead in the past to do so easy.

SEO in the past, as long as the three major label elements arranged keyword articles on the Internet copy, buy the chain or just in some forums, blogs have a chain that website keyword ranking will have obvious improvement, which will bring more traffic to the site, so as to promote the realization of the site’s profit. But today such optimization technique is very desirable, is the most hated for Baidu optimization techniques, so as to take such Baidu optimization techniques webmaster developed rules, who violate the rules will be punished severely. So far this year, it can be said that the most frequent updates of the algorithm, consistent in July since the K station, the right to drop, as well as the emergence of a large number of Mao stand. So now many webmaster for the website SEO optimization some panic, so as to cause many webmaster to degree mother complaints and dissatisfaction.


for the optimization of the site from the current optimization on the sale of coffee machine site is down right after, after a number of reflection and the combination of SEO has been engaged in the work experience, the author thinks that the SEO should focus on optimizing the user’s current research. When it comes to the purpose of SEO, we all understand that not only for ranking, but also for profit. How can we make a profit? In the final analysis, it is profit from the user. Well, since you want to make a profit from the user, give what the user wants and what the user thinks is valuable to him. Below the author with the current optimization on the sale of coffee machine station as an example, to talk about how to focus on user research, so as to achieve better optimization effect.

1. Research and write original content from user’s needs

when building a web site and establishing the theme of the site >

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