Forum visitors change members five small steps to help you easy to get

Forum visitors change members five small steps to help you easy to get

August 5, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

forum is now a lot of traffic, but the forum is not active, direct point that the relationship between operations strategy and forum webmaster, a lot of traffic into the forum are just stroll around in a circle, but did not produce the actual benefit, if the forum webmaster can convert that traffic in eighty percent was converted to the members of the forum. Whether it is the popularity of the forum or the actual benefit to the webmaster is very favorable, so a forum and how to operate can be transformed into the flow of tourists forum members of the forum, the author detailed about the methods of operation, the hope can help to some BBS webmaster friends.

The first step of

: according to the forum title a few forum related publicity plan, the graph can be forum pictures, can also be preferential pictures, can also be the forum theme, the most important role in this picture is to put the map on the forum navigation below, enter the forum users to first glance you see these pictures, causing more click to enter, click into the later it is best to have access to tourist area can, by this method can improve the PV value of the site, let site jump out rate is reduced.

the second step: expand the search box, users enter the forum all love search directly to the current needs, so our forum search box to expand the best, let the user enter the forum can directly see through a keyword search of the total content, if the user found something he needs, click into the they need to register, you said your website is also a registered member? So I suggest you do not mean your webmaster forum search box Oh, eye-catching point, shows a little better.

third step: from the bottom to the top of the website the proposed area, often a lot of advice to the forum site are on the below section, to tell the truth this is rarely the web site suggests area users, users will not be boring to see the bottom of the site the proposed area is on the contrary if you will recommend the zone from the website the bottom to the top, then we can let more users direct access to the website the proposed area puts forward some reasonable ideas of their own, which is very necessary for the development of the website.

The fourth step:

hot post title to attract people, the new post title to others, we can see in many popular forums at home some post title is very tiring, by this way can let visitors further become a registered member of the website, we can look at the A5 forum posts, especially is the title plus red, you can not introduce


fifth step: after the user into a registered member, the most important of the forum is to keep the user’s heart, the heart and the best method to keep the user is the user cannot do without interest, so no matter what the forum we will own the forum features perfect show to the user, such as A5 the forum is divided by the knowledge.

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