Talk about how to make your site into Wikipedia entry

Talk about how to make your site into Wikipedia entry

August 3, 2017 lejlgizx 0

Baidu encyclopedia is the content free and open network encyclopedia, by the standard entry as its basic unit. If the site can enter Baidu entry, Baidu encyclopedia or whether Baidu know, the benefits of self-evident, including the promotion of website image, get the trust of the users, formed its own characteristics, the most direct can also increase the chain, increase the weight and so on. However, in the actual operation of a lot of difficulties, difficult to pass, especially add the URL more difficult to pass, often because of advertising are too strong, but the website promotion, is to be broadcast.

this year or do a few entries, though with occasional mistake, but ultimately is made, but also accumulated some experience, the first or the content, including the entry name, name card, Wikipedia paragraph headings and directories and text, as well as pictures and description, maps, module, chain etc.. The entry name needs to be simple, unambiguous, not too vague, so as not to affect the user’s memory. The business card design needs to be as close as possible to reality. But for the headings and directories, including one grade and two grade directory, a directory basic enough, but need to have clear and concise Title directory depth, necessary punctuation, inside the format to ensure standard, can not have typos, can give people confidence on the website of the management, but also to wait for review professional, serious and work feeling, increase impression.

needs to be emphasized is that the edit entries must be from Baidu management and development purposes if thinking, such as not too focused on products, customers do not involve privacy, do not let people feel lonely a directory is to advertise. If you have no confidence or feelings about the relevant content, you may as well refer to similar entries, but pay attention to reference rather than copying to avoid repetition. Ensure that there is some clear distinction with each other and each directory directory, the following contents are naturally reasonable, as a historical site, in the description of the site location, construction idea and direction, can stand in the attitude of historical research objective are introduced, and avoid one-sided feelings with words, not curry favour by claptrap.

then is a reference, in addition to their own text, the amount of the chain can also enhance the effect of website promotion, it is also the opportunity to increase the chain, but the content must be highly relevant and entry, reduce advertising, especially avoid naked advertising, reduce the chances of being returned. Or according to the Baidu needs to collect and collate information, it is best to have the material library has been prepared, and has been released on its website, and pay attention to avoid arousing suspicion.

there is an extended reading, new entries directly add Web site would be more suffering, or because the advertisement was too strong, so pay attention to the strategy, such as the use of outstanding similar websites, or government agencies (such as the communications industry, the Ministry of labor, the market research industry with the Bureau of statistics and so on), and then add the two level domain. Its own, increased by chance.

more than just individual specific operations have to be all wise remark of an experienced person, practice,.

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