Tell the webmaster do add article written text links youzhuodian Tim

Tell the webmaster do add article written text links youzhuodian Tim

August 3, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

man doesn’t do anything underhand, write in stationmaster net can increase the chain is an indisputable fact. This is a good thing. On the one hand, can shoot two hawks with one arrow to sum up the experience to share, stationmaster net Baidu the most important included fast attract Baidu spider is more fierce, is also a kind of power, but for my good writing it is not that good thing. Not long ago, I was almost a day, two times a day, for secretarial chowder network flatter see my article, was reprinted many sites, the heart is very happy. But later found a strange phenomenon, that is my Baidu chain was reduced, reduced from more than 700 to more than 400, all of a sudden I can not understand, do not know what causes


went to the webmaster nets see an article, and I like, too rapid growth of soft, actually is a bad thing, now Baidu has a good sense of smell, which do not want to suddenly included many new AdSense for, still its enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm of Baidu will not love. Think you’re cheating. This included the same, some people in order to earn more money, a few days to add hundreds of articles, think Baidu will collect you hundreds of articles, in fact this is completely mistaken, the consequence is that you included instead of reduced, too, I also had this experience. One night to add more than 100, second days up all of a sudden I found that Baidu.

included more than 1000 minus

however, people always change mentality, I think, many novice webmaster and impatient, ah, want to eat into a fat. As a result, determined by Baidu cheat, sorry, six months of limbo life.

now found, not the light hair, is sometimes Links should also pay attention, do not suddenly link too much, too will be Baidu GG into the sandbox, so two or three days out of links is the so-called stand king, anxious not to eat hot tofu is this.

all, I would like to thank Adsense nets, read some articles, some one, and the webmaster to share.

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