Lost hope

Lost hope

August 3, 2017 tbdwgekl 0


long-awaited GG ads eventually be brush down, this is still fantasy, if apply for, will be the whole station advertising put GG, and then start advertising, start my income plan. Now I’m disappointed again, but I know why I can’t apply for it, because the content in my station is not what I created, so it’s very reasonable that they don’t give it to me.


every time I open the computer, I will go to the first thing to check the rankings and search engines included in the situation, today is the same, in accordance with the previous practice. After opening, I found my station was Baidu included 5 pages, although not many, but gave me continue to promote confidence.

I rarely write anything, and I don’t write a lot of useful things like other webmaster. I just want to record every day’s mood.

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