The main reason for the site’s failure is that you don’t have the heart

The main reason for the site’s failure is that you don’t have the heart

August 3, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

many successful people have warned young people that they want to do something and go on to be a salesman for months. Salesman is the bridge between products and customers, a product, if no salesman’s efforts, even if the good, just lying in the warehouse of a pile of scrap metal. It’s the same with websites. We can only hope for success by asking for the salesman’s standards.

often heard some complaints from webmasters on the Internet, saying that they had paid nothing for their hard work, and that many websites were closed soon. Why do some people fail after hard work, and where is the reason? Since the stationmaster has such a similarity with the salesman, the failure factor of the salesman is also applicable to the small and medium-sized webmaster. For salesmen, the biggest reason for failure is lack of effort.

although many people think that they have worked hard, and paid enough, but has not seen the effect. In fact, these people did not give their full efforts, they still have great potential, did not play out.

Shibata Kazuko is Japan’s sales goddess, from 1979 onwards, she has 14 consecutive years of insurance promotion champion in Japan, the annual income of 1 billion 700 million yen (about 300 million yuan). Shibata Kazuko only so able to achieve such results, thanks entirely to his intentions to do things. A regular salesman may visit at least 10 customers a day, but Shibata Kazuko visits dozens of people a day. That is to say a few times her work a day is equivalent to others, a year to catch up with others to do things for a few years. Ordinary salesman in visiting customers to eat a few times cold-shoulder treatment after gradually abandoned, and Shibata Kazuko’s mind was never thought of giving up. Customers do not understand, she will patiently explain, see others make her face, she still smile. It was common to promote life insurance to be refused, but second days she was still confident enough to knock on her door again. It was this kind of hard work attitude that made Shibata Kazuko’s little woman make greater achievements than men.

website in the promotion process, will inevitably encounter all sorts of troubles, which no one can avoid. Some people tried hard, but they didn’t work well, so they complained everywhere. In fact, these people have no intention to do things, and their hard work and efforts have become a lot of useless work. Some people make plans in great detail, but they can’t keep it. QQ group to promote it, and some of the webmaster worked hard for a few days, can not see the effect, so noisy, hard work, the plan will be stranded. But some webmaster but silently adhere to down, half a year later has made proud of the results.

success never comes to you. Everyone needs to pay enough to get what he wants. If you fail on the way, there’s only one reason: you don’t have the heart.

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