Analysis of coffee machine industry website optimization of some drawbacks understand the factors

Analysis of coffee machine industry website optimization of some drawbacks understand the factors

August 3, 2017 nfyactcp 0

talked about optimizing a website that has experience in all know, in the optimization of a website is not just after the three big label arrangement of a plurality of keywords in the station hair articles, how simple the hair outside the chain, outside the station, especially now the search engine algorithm frequent update < mainly refers to the Baidu search engine > more difficult by optimization techniques of the SEO effect, and the improper handling may cause drop right, K station, plucking phenomenon. Here, certainly will be some novice webmaster asked, that should be how to do SEO? For this problem, the author of this brief talk about. When planning to SEO on a website, so as to optimize work in the construction site and construction site before need: a clear, domain name website theme selection, the choice of CMS station system, as well as in the construction of how to avoid spider traps, canonicalization problems etc.. The specific content of the author here to talk about, the next article the author of these detailed share, now return to the topic to talk about a coffee machine website optimization defects and the factors leading to difficult to improve the weights of the website, below the author the following simple analysis to share with you to share, so all day after the encounter similar problems to avoid.

1. The overall structure of the coffee maker website

talking about the structure of a website, it can be said to be the most important part of the optimization of the previous website construction, including the home page navigation design, the physical structure and logical structure of the website. And the current author should study and analyze the site in these areas have done enough in place, so that the entire site SEO optimization effect is not very obvious, the following look at its navigation design.


from the point of view above the navigation design is not reasonable, the author used the red box marked by the local point of view can be on the user experience, but from the search engine and user search habits in some places have changed the set of keywords. As in the navigation above, "office coffee machine" and "commercial coffee machine", the index of the two words is O, as shown in the following picture:



in general, if you want to arrange the product keyword here as navigation, you’d better assign some words that have certain search index and competition degree is not very high. As for the navigation of "all products", "member center" can be deleted, if you really want to do, you can set at the bottom navigation.

and the link structure of the station table selected for dynamic form in Baidu optimization explicitly on site to take a dynamic form and static form are similar in many webmaster guidelines, the dynamic response is actually more conducive than static collection. However, from the user experience, or the use of static URL is better, such as: http://s.ww>

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