Blind creation of originality means that the website loses its sense of direction

Blind creation of originality means that the website loses its sense of direction

August 2, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

Since Baidu

emphasize the user experience is almost overnight, copying collection many sites have become the mainstream, the original, but the mainstream with Baidu after losing patience and reduce a lot of the original, part of the webmaster in thinking: my site is all original content why no good rankings are a part of? Webmaster in hesitation: every day the original this is tired, isn’t there other methods don’t need the original



Thinking about the two part of the head of the

, we can see that the original has been questioned part of webmaster, actually this kind of question is not wrong, said Baidu optimization guide is to improve the user experience, rather than the original content is the cumulative website to improve the user experience, improve the original is part of the user experience, is now part of the site occupied by the original Baidu home page ranking, but this part of the site is certainly more than on the original acquisition rankings, they rely on more is the coordinated development of the website, the original development and service combination.

to their own website on the Internet for long-term survival and get good rankings, original content is not enough, the original site is blind to create lost sense of direction, because we are not only to the original, we have correlation of the original, we also do a good job of website users, we also do a good job of web search engines crawl.

original must have relevance, no relevance of the original, no effect

The original

is not wrong, but has nothing to do with the development of the original site that is a waste of time, such as when we do is a "bubble" class website, and the website of your original content is associated with weight loss, then the user came to your site after it is to see the bubble feet, but to see the weight and this is a deception for 90% users, they will leave the site after the click on the first page, this is a very big blow to the website, the user a high bounce rate, low user user experience will affect the site in the search engine rankings, we can see from the original must have no correlation, correlation between original not only on the site had no effect, but it will also influence the website development.

good website user service, try to improve the quality of the site

website user services include website all aspects of design, function, guide, pictures and so on, after the user enters the site is not only the content of a web site, they will in many ways to understand the website, we make a very simple example, after entering the A5 website we certainly is not only at the website the content of A5, we will enter the A5 forum, then ask or transaction and so on, and summarized whether this is the website customer service, we have to do is according to their own characteristics and development route of site site site service of their own, not because of earnings lost users, don’t because of a momentary interest damage to the interests of users, not because of self eye >

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