Have some of China’s best known websites been eaten by dogs

Have some of China’s best known websites been eaten by dogs

August 2, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

network is a good thing, can deceive people on the Internet, but also to expose fraud online. Recently, I have seen a lot of 1-2 discount prepaid card information on the Internet. It’s obviously a cheater. Why do you have so many ads? At the same time, ask those who advertise for the cheater to ask yourself, "is your conscience still there?"

other cases I do not have more, we have ninety percent off mobile recharge card, this example to talk about it.

what happens when you turn on China’s biggest search engine, Baidu, and you enter your mobile phone recharge card? Let’s all come and have a look. The first page is all 90 percent off mobile phone prepaid card liar. What does this mean? Is Baidu idiot to do not know these are liars or for money, do not have a conscience? Not just Baidu, there are a lot of so-called business website, are hung like a so-called "entrepreneurial" advertisement. Is it true that you really don’t know if this is a liar? I was angry and angry about the lack of a sense of social responsibility in some of China’s most famous websites. Do you all have nothing else but money in your eyes? Have your consciences been bought?


information monitoring department? For illegal information, you are not very strict monitoring? Why such fraud occurred so long, so many people fooled, you still don’t have a response? You think your duty to


legally speaking, these websites are accomplices to fraudsters and accomplices. They should pay for everything they do, but why is it still good?

many, many, many do not understand, need the matter everybody’s solution!


attached to the 90 percent off mobile phone recharge card deceive the whole process:

90 percent off is just baiting you, 90 percent off provincial agents, 80 percent off retailers, please do not believe the sky will fall, once you take the bait, they are changing the pattern to give you the implementation of scalping policy.

let you pay 100 yuan deposit, then before delivery, said: "a reason to say, you can pay 100 yuan deposit, this card does not give you the first opening, on the road in case someone stole, big losses, the faster you give to 5000 par I send you 10000 the nominal value of the goods, and you receive the goods inspection satisfied you pay off the balance, then give you the rest of the goods (not all) opened, or you use how much to you."

lets you think accepted by common sense, he will give you delivery (send you the goods cost of death will give you to deposit, limit) after 5-6 days of receipt of goods (see, you open a card bag tightly, who can know what is inside a prepaid card), then you have to be careful he knew, you receive the goods will continue to remind you: this card to use to open on the Internet, this is the computer control system, only one click to open a (he will give you the full face value of 50 yuan, a, he can not lose money in cost control you pay the deposit within 100 yuan), click two times this card is full.

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