am a stationmaster Lian Zaiyi all men Christmas Eve almost shed tears

am a stationmaster Lian Zaiyi all men Christmas Eve almost shed tears

August 2, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

(blink of an eye in 2009, and I have done a few years of webmaster, in this writing, when it was a memoir, hoping to resonate)

, I’m a station owner,

I’m working on a television program in a media company, and it’s on TV in Beijing. The company has done more than a dozen programs, advertising revenue in millions of units; out of several books, when the streets of Beijing are all these books of piracy. The host in Beijing book building book signing, surrounded by people, enough to show visibility. However, the development of anything is phased, and then with us as the private media, three strong rays are now on the market. We are still in the third of an acre of plane food.

at the end of 05, I was chosen as the head of the company website. Under three people, with a PowerEasy familiar technology; one is older than me a lot, a character comparison, the general level of graphic design; a worked four years in the studio technology, as well as a 03 years to save the server, no funds. And I, with the webmaster’s words, is a super rookie.

, my card says: XX company website webmaster, a more than 200 person company, the website leader called webmaster, a little fun. When industry exchanges, friends look at my business card and jokingly say, "what is the position of webmaster?" "that is website CEO". After that, my friends call me "laundry".

management, training, enhance team professional level, absorb knowledge, digest, strengthen execution. Fight for three months, the company’s website, a corporate website, ALEXA rankings to more than 80 thousand, leading me on top of mind expansion, "to do the door!" the boy, too imaginative, now is to give you one billion, will reach the height of sina’s market. From time to time there are a few collisions, and I, slowly silent.

changed the program director for my boss for a while, so that for a moment, every thought in his mouth is a new industry leader, in the face of spray foam, I chose to study, search – absorption – Analysis – digestion, absorption, digestion and analysis of search. At this point, I have been in this company for 8 years.

don’t know graph king, because the king figure fame Admin5, used Admin5 to stroll, 07 years before Christmas, saw a distressed brother article, trying to handle but also hesitate to buy virtual host, buy template being cheated, the money is not a problem, the key is experienced. Who do you believe?! find a map king prove his reputation, graph king helped him, but I suggest that in accordance with the mediation procedures go, but the brother tomorrow urgently, how to do? I am out of the office, a cigarette with his brother said "I bet again, to help you through, for money is borrowed or do the cost of later", thanked the brothers very natural, not speak. Finally, I sent to the king of the news: "still believe that there are many webmaster character, pay attention to good faith, this matter has nothing to do with Admin5, and the king has nothing to do."." A 3>

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