A poor man cannot stand love

A poor man cannot stand love

August 2, 2017 uttpdooa 0

traffic jam, the intersection is easiest to see is a car in the car sitting in the fashionable woman, some in smoking, and some in the makeup blush,…… In a word, they are immersed in the happiness of "Honda" and "Mercedes Benz".

10 years ago, women, they may be immersed in the campus, hand in hand love, then, maybe they have no money, but they have love, love test paper, try to show love, quality, pure and good. Now, love tests often fail. Whenever I eat meat not eating meat, not food, suddenly feel around love also changed. She was not so extravagant and beautiful in love as she was not for feed and water, but the quality of love had changed. What changed love? It’s money. Money is such a cruel influence on love. The cruelty of money is not with violence, but by gentle dipping into Yin.

I looked at

in Xiangche beauty, they have already been maturely by practical experience, they had abandoned the love. They looked down on love, and looked down on the mundane and friendly little days under the eaves. They believed nothing except money. They never use the mood for the common people of their soul with perfect conjugal bliss, roaring waves of desire, they managed to take a shortcut of the most simple, minimum effort, and change their state of existence. Their youth and desire, greed and ambition to create a sheltered life ideal.

modern women often say, "poor love, I don’t want it. Love without money" – go away! Love needs to be realized through material things. Half a year ago to pay a girlfriend, we have been very good, because I was playing, but also love to spend money, every day with his shopping, buy things, no money to call my dad, so I probably spent a few months, dad does not give money, what have to rely on their own in January! When I came into contact with the network, the network began his career, I do not play, I fell in love with the network, I see the Internet every day, every day, learn something, a rich network of another corner of my heart, although every day on the Internet did not make any money, but I have learned knowledge! Because the network often with my girlfriend quarrel even a fight, to accompany her to go shopping, no fun, playing every day, more boring, April, I began to do stand, have less time to play, but every station failed! Again in June with a station (of But every blessing it a platform ticket, less time to play, the estimated field, boring, playing every day, because every day, www.xingfu88.com), update the website promotion website, on the network owners learn something like this, no time to accompany his girlfriend, finally broke up today, the reason is not because of breaking up no time to contact her, but because I have no money, she found a poor man rich! Talk about love, a man if he has his love of luxury cars, immediately appreciation, if one day these things are lost, his love immediately to zero. There is no real intervention, only money intervention. With the intervention of money, the genes of love change rapidly, in the "love variation"

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