Website construction planning can not be ignored detailed four major planning points

Website construction planning can not be ignored detailed four major planning points

August 1, 2017 lejlgizx 0

now do what seems to be the railway speed, speed up to CPI speed, but the speed of the consequences are very serious, high-speed rail crash, inflation, so sometimes the speed is not a good thing, as a violation of the law of things spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, to engage in the great leap forward development, is also very dangerous! So for the construction site, now many in the construction site, often focus on the short-term effect, make money immediately replaced, finally leaving behind a piece of garbage sites, in a few years ago, this approach seems to have some effect, but with higher level of intelligent search engine, this method of opportunistic has been slowly into the ward, the only honest good pre construction site planning, can let oneself in the future of Web site operators like a fish Water with half the effort, the following I will analyze the four elements of website construction planning


1: where is your advantage,

?Before the

website, you should ask yourself a question, that is to your advantage in where the network is still, if both, then you have a good chance of success, if you have only one, so in the type of website construction, we should be able to give full play to your strengths, such as your technology is very strong, so you should build a professional technical type website, if your network is good, then the construction of the vertical type of portal website is quite good, especially a lot of local contacts, build a local portal, will often bring unexpected profit to you


two: what are the trends in the Internet

The development trend of

second planning elements is to understand the current Internet, what to do now to flow, like real estate is now regulated, you have to take the price, finally unlucky is you! When you should adjust the low-key, when relaxed, you should jump into the sky, can let go he is always in the dominant position! Website construction should also take advantage of this kind of homeopathy does not require you to follow suit, follow the trend of the terrible consequences, but to see the various characteristics of the Internet application after the recovery, as long as you can smell the development trend of the industry become a pioneer, then you have made half of success!

three: do you have a team of your own,


site construction should be considering the importance of the team, maybe some grassroots webmaster in website construction at the beginning of thinking alone, but unfortunately, I tell you, now it is very difficult to be successful, even more difficult, when others are in Baotuan warm, you are a person outside the foraging, the final result is the head broken and bleeding back to team’s arms! So in the beginning of the construction site, will plan good team work, even if it is one, that is to recruit some part-time team members, let them do some good things, but you also want to do some good things, only in this way to have operation site ability, otherwise your website is.

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