Personal growth revolution whether to consider the transition

Personal growth revolution whether to consider the transition

August 1, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

at the beginning, the first to pay tribute to some owners have been close, after all, is not easy, from the beginning of porn sites, to the.CN domain name, extended to the audio-visual site, and now has spread to BBS and BLOG, the influence is relatively large, the record of circle has been the most headache it seems, super webmaster forum to do a special BBS for the record, in the name of the business should be slightly easier, not so dogged by bad luck. But my blog how to do? I confused, can I find a place to write things, but also for special records? A look blankly,


has some good blog webmaster said his blog was closed, I said why? He said that because the blog message function? The message will not collapse! How can it do? It seems personal webmaster do stand can only do the user can browse the site. Of these rather baffling policy, I don’t know what to say? From the network to encourage entrepreneurship, now hit network business, a lot of students to stand for the webmaster in this change of the laid-off workers, said that the station can not do. According to the current crackdown, in addition to my Taobao 28 street is also in line with national conditions, the other I think we still need to continue to do the certificate, it seems that after personal Adsense really can not try some of the new concepts of the internet. Consider the transition,


transformation do Taobao guest site, do network marketing

Taobao guest site, simply do Station Promotion Commission, for the purpose of marketing, because most of the people are good at network promotion, but they are not good at money will flow into, some do stand for several years, has a huge flow, but the income is not many webmaster or very much, this kind of webmaster general interest as the starting point, the website do better, more not to make money, always feel in front of a bright career, if it is a few years earlier, I might agree this opinion, after all that time the Internet industry market is still blank too much capital, great degree of concern, may obtain a capital intervention stick to your career, to help you succeed, but now, the market is full, you will be difficult with a station, or a creative can quickly in the Internet industry into Long, you must have the capital to support your project to go, so a lot of interest died on, personal webmaster to make a transition to Taobao guest site, personally think that is a practical performance, because you have no capital, you have the ability to promote, it will make full use of the skills of marketing, Taobao customer site to make money, ah.

do e-commerce, or make money for

?In fact, Taobao

or CPS customer promotion and start counting has begun to enter the e-commerce, this is a good example of this business, spend a little cost to the Internet business, but you have some money, there are certain ideas, can open a shop selling products, slowly do products, after all Taobao is in making do for others, so I have been stressed that Taobao guests should also set up their own brands, such as Taobao my site 28 street, has been trying to establish their own.

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