Use Tianya jump operation CPA project practical money tutorial

Use Tianya jump operation CPA project practical money tutorial

August 1, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

use the jump operation CPA money project is a workable Wangzhuan project. If you combine well, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars with a hot topic. I am here to talk about basic ideas, and expand on this line of thought,

first show first effect, in Baidu search " speculation or practice, learning should hold what attitude " this is my website of an article, also released to Tianya forum

hits first rank search results and finds out what’s in it.

went to Tianya Bowen, only a second later, I jumped to the page I set up. I use the flash shot of the jump, you can see the lower left corner has been set to me in the page to do jump

again, the entire jump step,

1, making the link in SWF, SWF, points to the link we need to reach in the end,

2, open login Tianya blog, published a post

3, modify the post, enter the source mode, add a section of code

src=http://s.***.wang/tianya/tianya.swf type=" application/x- shockwave-flash"

allowscriptaccess=" always" >

uses the power of the skyline for

this is a period of time before a UNIQLO fitting room video seed post, the post of the browser is 36129. As the post can not do jump, assuming this post translated into Bowen, and combined with Tianya blog jump, we finally reached the page.

the jump arrival rate basically is 100%, which is the jump will eventually bring more than 30000 Bowen set us a good web browser. If we reach the page to make us in advance to make a good CPA single page, in accordance with the conversion rate of 10%, the application of CPA unit in accordance with the 1.5 yuan each to even, the benefits of this blog is 36129*10%*1.5=5419.35 yuan. This is the effect of a post.

of course, UNIQLO room events cannot happen every day, we can use another way to find the hot events

The amount

needs to pay attention to is that the words above should not be used directly because the competition may be a bit too large. We use the long tail words close to the words above to operate.

this approach is not necessarily to operate CPA projects, advertising, alliances and other conventional projects, we can also combine their own needs to expand. For example, we sell big Xinjiang

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