New thoughts on the operation of domestic resource sharing websites from the perspective of new phys

New thoughts on the operation of domestic resource sharing websites from the perspective of new phys

August 1, 2017 sdikdwvy 0


we’ve seen all kinds of resource sharing websites, such as Baidu music, potato videos, novels, reading books and so on. Because I am engaged in the SEO work relations, contacts each kind of website. Two recent learning resource sharing sites, new physics and mathematical sources, are impressive. The author believes that their business model and development model is worth learning or drawing lessons from.

in order to avoid too many "advertising suspect", in these two sites do not make too much introduction. Here mainly discuss the structure and management mode of these two websites. The structure and information planning of the two sites are exactly the same. Here is a piece of talk.

is the "portal + Forum + personal space" in the information structure, the readers are IT industry staff, the information structure of the website must be familiar with the structure, actually not fresh much less innovation. We’ve seen so many information patterns, but this kind of website information structure is seldom used in resource sharing websites,

(readers can stay here for a minute and think about how many of their shared web sites are in memory)

I made a very simple survey among my colleagues, and most of them were very vague.

"portal + Forum + space" website structure can play an important role in resource based website

"new physics" and "mathematical source" are the websites where physics learning resources and mathematics learning resources are shared. The characteristic of this kind of learning resource website is that its users need to communicate and interact with similar users when they are searching for resources. At this point, it is critical to bind a forum on the portal. Play a great role in promoting the user experience and stickiness of the website.

if the website information structure lets the reader do not feel anything new, then its business model will certainly make your eyes bright.

they are "webmaster decentralization, users self management" mode. The webmaster of the website divides the management and the advertising revenue of the website to the moderator at the same time. The affiliate ads on the site are charged separately for each section, and each section’s advertising revenue is distributed to the administrator and moderators in proportion, and the rest of the revenue is used as a domain name server.

this is for the webmaster with limited energy, this is a great mobilization of moderators enthusiasm, good method. I know, these two website owners not for money, just for the construction of a large web of achievement! This is a big business, Baidu has numerous Post Bar advocate and quiz team leader, these people bring a lot of traffic to Baidu, but these people have wages? Baidu will put these Post Bar advertising revenue to the LORD into? Never


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