Stationmaster must read how to write an original article really

Stationmaster must read how to write an original article really

July 31, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

this topic I estimate 10 station 9 are written? But don’t worry, please be patient to see it, believe how old article can bring you the same harvest


play website, in addition to the technology and resources, and what is the most important? If you are old, it must be content, or article. For example, technology is like the skeleton of a web site, and the article is its flesh and blood. For most people, the first thing to see is flesh and blood, and only the real expert will go about the inner skeleton.

site traffic, to lure users, how to retain them, form a viscous? Most important is your writing is good, there is no value to the user, from this perspective, the direction, content, quality is a site of the soul".

how important? We can see Ke Zhou (left brother) description, even if you do not know the elder brother, Baidu quickly down, he is playing the ancestor station group, the peak period has completely occupied the first 3 pages of Baidu "s" keyword search ", as the daily income that many people every year.

, a lot of people want to know how you put so many websites, so difficult, so big keywords do Baidu front, think he has what advanced technology, that he himself is how to say,


elder brother once said, "a lot of people ask me the same question, my answer is the same, not what surprise overnight to take me tens of thousands of stations, many people think that I used some technology, I can clearly tell you, my technique is equal to 0, only read online you have seen that a few of the SEO materials, only about Dede acquisition rules, I now also a station to station a station built, each station acquisition rules are an added."

well, the core where the secret of his success, he said: "I did not use any station software, I spend heavily hired a team of 30 people remained in the original team. If I have said commercial secrets, I can only say that this is the only team.

so how does this team manage and operate,


30 of the team’s posts are editors, and the posts come from part-time staff across the country. Part-time staff are mostly college students who are recommended from part-time websites or agencies around the country. Very good looking.

we set up an original library, no matter what time, accept the new original article we do not stop, after editing the audit, added to the original database, a few years, we have a large enough original library.

what are your requirements for this team,


1: the article must be meaningful.

2: it must be consistent with the theme of the website.

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