My T tribe propaganda experience

My T tribe propaganda experience

July 31, 2017 nfyactcp 0

1, Baidu knows

Baidu know it is a good place for a website, but advertising is not blind, to answer people’s questions seriously, help others to solve the problem, people will believe you, you will be assured of landing station, will feel your site content is real. Now I know that the account has more than 8000 points, senior manager, (alas, soon became an immortal) here must pay attention to the point is, try not to answer the question with the URL, if the questioner is "issues related to the operating system, the operating system can make the column address you stand to him, that Baidu would not think you are spamming, I have several foreign experience, answer for several weeks, all with the domain name, the domain name of the post All deleted, depressed, heavy losses, but also my account disabled 3 or three days.

2, holiday promotion

uses the festival to make some small web pages of blessing, which can bring unexpected results.

There are many templates for festival blessing on the

network, which can be downloaded and retained. 4.1 this year I COPY a web page, after entering the crazy one, that "in April Fool’s day has brought thousands of IP for me, although a lot of IP, but the quality is not very good, the general point finished off, or forward, click on the link to enter the home page is not much, so. After doing when this page, we must study hard, let visitors to your site idea inside.

3, mail publicity,

registered in your website is a good resource, collect their email, then landing mail sending, (if your site with the mass function better) I use the Yahoo mailbox, most each sending 1 people, my book user is not very much, only more than 500 people I, is a computer tutorial station, I put my tutorial content link made the contents of the e-mail, and then sending them, you say, the effect is also good!

4, using forum

I often go to the

forum, Admin5, Ali mother and some of our local forum, the forum propaganda would not have said to me, are generally written in their website link character signature, and then reply topic


5, write original article

released their own original articles in Admin5, the effect is good Oh, first article wrote brought me close to the 200 day of the IP, so doing a 200IP ten 2000IP one hundred is 20000IP, ha ha, (dreaming…).

this article is my second article in Admin5, I hope to teach you the experience can also make occasional unexpected harvest (^). >

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