The turnover rate of Optimization Website Taking school as an example

The turnover rate of Optimization Website Taking school as an example

July 31, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

, the so-called website transaction rate, refers to the percentage of visitors who consume behavior in the total visitors of this website. This ratio is very important for the sale of product type websites. For a simple example, a website has a IP of 1000 per day, with a turnover rate of one percent. The average unit price is 100 yuan. It is said that the site can be traded 10 pen a day, day sales of 1000 yuan; if the site of the rival site, selling the same product, daily visits, the average customer price are the same, but the turnover rate increased by one percent, reaching two percent, then this site every day may day sales turnover of 20 pens, 2000 yuan. In other words, the two traffic basic similar site, in the transaction rate slightly different, actual sales and final profit will be very different. Especially in the website traffic acquisition costs more and more today, finally through a variety of channels or promotion to customers to guide their website, the loss is certain, but how to keep more people buy on the website of the promotion of investment and sales have very great influence ratio. Nowadays, how to improve the transaction rate of the website has become a subject that has been studied and has already made a lot of research results, and some people even sell relevant training courses at the core.

for this involves high-tech psychology stuff, so I two certainly do not understand, we just said the individual some opinions on the site for school performance and individual turnover rate optimization of the.

what is the most important determinant of the turnover rate of a website? In fact, in the case of little difference in detail, it should be the brand of a website. The profound meaning of the brand, people understand it as a trust, only to trust a website, that the desire and ability to purchase people, turnover must be nothing difficult. For example, Jingdong such as VANCL mall, brand awareness is high, what are the factors you on their website to buy the most important things? Are you sure to recognize their brand. For the school, it is established, for example we should learn a lesson in the network, which will first think of the course training school is the most well-known, but unfortunately in this school niche is difficult to appear national well-known brand, perhaps a school strength is very strong, is listed in the U.S. however, most people may still be heard. This time, a school needs to enhance the turnover rate on the details of the work, personal summary, school websites to improve the turnover rate, mainly in the following aspects:


, first of all, have an online customer service teacher who specializes in answering questions. This is also true for other types of sales websites. There is a customer who can always answer the questions of customers. This is very necessary. For school, this is especially important because of the purchase of ordinary goods all of the objects are easy to recognize and understand, but for a course, the process will be more independent cognitive >

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