Talk about the dilemma of independent blog development from Google AdSense

Talk about the dilemma of independent blog development from Google AdSense

July 31, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

recently, two good Chinese blog, Chrome fan and Ruan Feng blog Google AdSense account was shut down, Chrome fan after a complaint, its AdSense account has been restored.

Google, why don’t you explain the reason for the ban

Chrome fans said, the real reason for disappointment is that Google is not Google given the move closure publisher AdSense account any explanation. Google does not explain in detail the specific technical details of the closure are reasons, cheating and anti cheating AdSense is a long-term and complex work, if the Google publisher to explain in detail the principle of anti cheating, it will undoubtedly lead to the "road bearing in mind the situation, make greatly enhance the cheating technology. In view of this risk, Google only on the anti cheat system to take strict security measures to prevent leaks in this area, most terminated accounts have been told that because of" invalid clicks "caused by.

invalid click and click fraud

refers to the invalid click is possible to artificially increase the AdWords advertisers spending click, click click such include excess no value for advertisers, if Google can identify these clicks that do not come from genuinely interested in advertising users, can also be classified into the list of invalid clicks.

click fraud is part of invalid clicks, refers to malicious or fraudulent clicks, in other words, is intended to through the way of increasing AdWords advertisers spending or AdSense publishers income hits.

Google blocked account most of the reason is "click fraud", click "Google is not valid for a few" can be automatically filtered, but if a long-term and a large number of "invalid clicks", it might be considered a "click fraud" of the suspects, this account is dangerous.

Comparison of

, Google, AdSense and Baidu alliance

, according to the client, Chrome fans account for about $1.5 a day for AdSense accounts, while Nguyen peak is $1.1 a day, and it doesn’t seem like much. But to be honest, for small and medium-sized website, Google AdSense of the overall quality and the level of profitability is higher than the Baidu alliance, one reason is that AdSense is divided into the proportion is much higher than the Baidu Alliance (AdSense to 68%, Baidu alliance is less than 50%), another reason is AdWords’s advertisers to invest more, the reason for this important reason or technology, the ability of Google AdSense with intelligent filtering malicious clicks, Baidu alliance is usually rely on manual processing >

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