Website promotion how to make enterprise brand and ranking both

Website promotion how to make enterprise brand and ranking both

July 31, 2017 lejlgizx 0

website promotion, optimization, development, to today, has spawned a variety of ways. At the same time for different industries, there are different website promotion strategy. From the previous site promotion requirements ranking, to the current enterprise brand promotion, enterprises in the network promotion constantly looking for the market, but also constantly close to the user. So, enterprise website promotion, enterprise brand and ranking how to have both?.

enterprise website construction is our website promotion base camp, we need to work hard on this, for the next site promotion optimization to prepare. The following points are very important to us on our website promotion, ranking and branding.

1, site ranking is maintained as a prerequisite

we all know that since Google quit the mainland market, now the enterprises are beginning to do the promotion of Baidu. No matter what kind of search engine you want, it’s important to be able to rank on the front page. According to data, the first three pages of Baidu can intercept more than 90% of the browsing users, while the first page can occupy more than 80% of customer resources. Therefore, the basic purpose of enterprise website promotion is to allow enterprises to have a good ranking, not only to occupy the home page, but also strive to occupy the front page of the top three, this is the best achievement of enterprise website promotion.

2, enterprise brand is fundamental

when our company has a good ranking, it shows that our website has a good effect. Well, at this point, our website will need to play a good user experience. If users enter into our website, the first is to open super slow speed, home is a big Flash animation, after entering the site layout out of order, product information is not clear, let customers browse the confused and disoriented. Even if you are a good quality, good service, so customers will not appreciate, like this website, not to mention business? So, here, we still have to emphasize the enterprise website user experience must be better, should be clear and reasonable, but also have good browsing speed, so as to allow users to find smooth the information they want. Then, the brand will be able to take the first step.

3, pluralistic development, two pronged approach,

for traditional enterprises, creating benefits in the network, for them, is still a very strange thing. Many enterprises have this idea: after the completion of the construction site, you can wait for customers, you can make the enterprise brand mold. In fact, companies ignore an important feature of the Internet: interaction and experience. As we have just talked about, then interaction is another important factor that companies lack. And customer interaction, communication between enterprises, this is the most important thing, for clothing, catering, service and other industries, there is no more important than interaction.

The promotion and optimization of

enterprise website is an important process for enterprises to create benefits and build brands. At the same time, it is also a stage for enterprises to build online culture

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