Online marketing of clothing enterprises

Online marketing of clothing enterprises

July 31, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

2008, the global economic environment pressure caused a greater impact on the traditional clothing industry, in this case, many traditional clothing enterprises began to look for intensive business model at the same time, some investment also continue to pay attention to the Internet, new business models and commodities continue to emerge, because of this, the external economic downturn is not related to the clothing network marketing. The clothing e-commerce market prospect has attracted a lot of capital investment, also attracted a lot of attention to new entrants, especially in the field of direct marketing can be extended B2C, a larger space, the clothing e-commerce industry have just entered the initial stage of development. At the same time, although the B2C market continues to pour new people, but clothing products are mostly concentrated in men’s clothing and young people for low-priced styles, a variety of fashion clothing, the number of thousands of homogeneous phenomenon is also inevitable. IResearch believes that in the early stage of development of the apparel e-commerce market has yet to be standardized and integrated in the enterprise network marketing strategy needs to be learned, especially small and medium-sized clothing intensive and meticulous farming, enterprises should strengthen the network marketing training, and the future of personalized, minority groups will become the development trend of the characteristics of clothing.

almost all garment companies have built their own websites, but the quality of the websites is uneven. Shenzhen SEO through the investigation of 20 well-known clothing enterprise website, the status quo of website construction of garment enterprises in China are analyzed: the image of corporate website will directly affect the enterprise brand image, improve the site function for production and management of enterprises play a positive role. At present, clothing enterprise website should have the following main functions:

(1) enterprise information. The website is a powerful propaganda tool, and the enterprise can publish any information which is beneficial to the enterprise management and help to set up the enterprise image through the website platform.

(2) corporate image. Excellent website is a good way to publicize enterprise image. Through the excellent enterprise website, the brand image of enterprise can be extended online.

(3) enterprise products. By means of static text description and dynamic video demonstration, the network can display the appearance, function and usage of the product vividly and vividly.

(4) interaction. Good customer relationship is a necessary condition for enterprise management. Enterprises can set up message boards, enterprise communities and other interactive boards on the website, and communicate with customers in real time.

(5) customer service. Customer service plays an important role in the success or failure of an enterprise. The enterprise should give consumers as much convenience as possible through the internet.

(6) online survey. Network transfer has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. It is an effective investigation tool for enterprises to obtain first-hand market information, and enterprises can obtain user feedback information through online surveys.

(7) online alliance. Companies can build partnerships with suppliers, distributors, customers, websites and other related businesses through the Internet to achieve better online promotion results

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