Actual combat analysis how to find a way out of small and medium sized websites

Actual combat analysis how to find a way out of small and medium sized websites

July 29, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

this several day stay to see the Internet industry in the Internet, the observation is that the upper portal and some big site basic form to settle in, like navigation website can’t be a hao123, a small site is a mess, there are not well, can be said to be the dragons and fishes jumbled together. What is the reason why the world of small and medium-sized webmaster is so confused? The following 3 reasons lead to it.

1, the number of sites is too much.

now many sites under the domain name registration activities of 1 yuan, for example in the name of CN network data domain name registered 1 yuan. This leads to the establishment of the site of the threshold in the decline and gradually popular, and now build a web site with you on the Internet next software as simple.

2, quantity, quality, you are hard to guarantee.

because the station’s popularity, there are many web sites where there exists a collection, copying the website, for example, when you start to do may be the one and only you may wake up do not know how many like your station website, which leads to the decline of website quality.

3, do not know the profit model of website

many owners did not have a good location in the website before, can not find a profit point, so there is more behind the station, so that the last regular web spam sites to give up the situation, which leads to more and more spam sites, more and more chaos rules.

so, in this mess, how can we find a breakthrough and find a way out for the small and medium-sized webmaster? I personally think that we should start from the following points.

1, do before the station to go through repeated thinking,

did not stand as a child buying toys, a whim, bought back, play two days, do not like throwing. Do the station should consider the development direction and future site planning, but also the main site after locking the target user group, the demand analysis mainly target user group, so as to ensure that the fixed user group you stand out can not only meet the needs of users and can increase the site, to future development can play a important role. Think this requires us to do before the positioning can not do things carelessly, have long-term plans, of course, if you are committed to doing a garbage site would not be so hard.

2, to make sure their purpose and attitude to do the station

blind site is no significance, site to rule out blindness, can not ask you when the purpose of the station, you say others built I build, typical follow the trend. From now on the site, the site is for most people to bring their own money, can bring gains in wages, this is bad when there is no ground for blame, the psychology of people often do a quick, regular website and do not want to waste that time will be able to see the return station, the >

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