David Beckham new model for small and medium enterprises to achieve cost free network marketing

David Beckham new model for small and medium enterprises to achieve cost free network marketing

July 29, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

recently an old friend and I chatted, your domain name now is more and more uncomfortable, and their own brand does not take sides, and its own brand of good domain name query by either price or add letters of domain name. This can not help thinking another angle Beckham, inherent mode of small and medium sized enterprises in the "general domain name + small website" can last long, small businesses want to promote business, will first be a domain name, buy a space, a set of procedures, open. If there is no professional marketing network operators, such a site is really not much commercial value: the lack of interaction, lack of brand, security is low, search engines often do not face.

A core concept of

had seen Ye Maozhong, is the "lateral marketing", when one thing, vertical depth has been difficult time to dig, the transverse advantage will be prominent, as the inherent mode of "general domain name + small website" has become inherent in this kind of mode, no longitudinal case marketing ideas, small and medium-sized enterprises should be horizontal development. This is David Beckham’s theme today: looking for a small and medium enterprises to achieve cost free network marketing model.

this new model is also David Beckham observation research for a long time and confirmed feasible, that is: "micro-blog + blog + micro swarm."". This model, from a horizontal perspective, will enable SMEs to open a whole new world of online marketing – –

– – without cost

1., this model is powerful interactivity. Relative to the user interaction of small and medium-sized enterprise website, the ultimate goal of each product of "micro-blog + blog + micro swarm" is communication, and its interaction is unmatched. About micro-blog’s powerful information gathering fission mode, from the current domestic micro-blog’s popularity can be seen, Beckham do not do more to explain; on the blog for the enterprise how to help, you can see the blog: "David Beckham before: blog marketing let enterprise fly higher"; a micro group may most people do not understand, popular talk is relying on the group function under the micro-blog user groups, suitable for small and medium enterprises to go to do precision marketing, the micro group is not too fire, early intervention will be one step ahead.

2., this model is super cheap. Just need a ID, you can start operation, do not need any cost to Beckham’s observation of this service platform and a long period of time is not like the end user fees, they should be in the enterprise profit point. But the "domain name + small website" model is not yet see the real money came in on the first throw out, and is an annual cast. By contrast, the price performance is obvious.

3., this model diversified marketing mix. How can the small and medium-sized enterprises use this combination to exert their power? This depends on the scale of the enterprise and the energy invested. Yes, "micro-blog + micro group" for more staff, more ID marketing, focusing on this model, the current small box do well. "Micro-blog + marketing blog, such as micro-blog can often see" Aigo three, Aigo.

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