Learn from successful people train webmaster success six essential ability

Learn from successful people train webmaster success six essential ability

July 29, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

China Internet users has exceeded 400 million people, China Internet users more institutional assessment in 2011 will exceed 600 million people, such as Ma Yun said: "if the next five years you do not engage in electronic commerce, then you will have no business can be." Seemingly exaggerated words behind, but it is the Internet to the current people’s lives, work has brought tremendous changes. No matter men, women and children, countless Chinese are becoming more and more used to shopping online, not to mention entertainment, information, forums, chat and so on. This is the Internet in China, the rapid development of social development of the deterministic performance, but also means that the Internet contains great business opportunities and countless opportunities.

is in this context, as the use of web business or the number of pure money are increasing, except has a lot of manpower and resources of large Internet sites, with a force of business on the Internet, play personal personal ability and cleverness is more and more long show their own unique style. In the face of competition with the network giant, personal Adsense with their own efforts and wisdom, there are many people have created a legend, and achieved success. However, there are a number of webmasters still on the road to do the station, from the success is still far away. It is the success of these successful people, as encouragement, webmasters are convinced that their choice will be successful. Some people say, "copying other people’s success is the quickest way to succeed."." Learn from the successful experience, learn from the success of their own lack of ability, it is bound to be more conducive to their success.

success to learn more, often learn from them to help the successful learning ability and quality, and actively into their own culture, or enhance their capacity in this area, to promote the implementation of ability, will own the road to do stand to go more correct and reasonable, can make success faster arrival. Actively learn from successful people, webmaster to succeed, must have the following six major abilities:

one should have a clear direction of development and goals.

had Robin Li’s wife’s encouragement, chose to quit his business, and created the status of Baidu, the current Chinese search engine boss. Review at the time of his choice and development of the road, we can see them in the face of search engine development, for a clear understanding of the future development of the search engine and the market demand, and then made a bold choice, after thinking to determine the direction of development of clear and for efforts to achieve this success. Personal Webmaster Station is the same, must through their own thinking, choose a reasonable development path, the only way to try to translate into success, to avoid unintended farce, so that a correct development direction is a prerequisite for success.

two, after determining the target to have never yield in spite of reverses to the spirit.

has learned that Mr. Ma founded Alibaba, and especially friends who have gone through Taobao’s experience. After the idea of discussing Taobao’s business plan, a group of entrepreneurs focused on West Lake

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