How does the American group make itself a core in the group buying market

How does the American group make itself a core in the group buying market

July 29, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

don’t know what time, their ears from the "rice group, group purchase manufacturers, Wo Wo Group beauty group handlepublic comments and" to reduce the U.S. group, rice, public comment, and then directly is the U.S. group exclusive endorsement. Some time ago, the U.S. group also announced its earnings in 2013, the data show that in 2013 the U.S. group’s overall income of 16 billion 600 million, the annual profit. This is the first in the group purchase industry, compared to other resources, channels, funds continue to still grappling with the manufacturers, beauty group profit should be a good news for the industry. In fact, there are a lot of the original, with the United States together in Chinese group purchase market enterprises including friends, initially are rich handsome, is very rich in resources, but in such a case the U.S. mission to achieve the transcendence, visible Wang Xing in the operation of pragmatic and prudent style.

site VS products, products over

focus on products and services, not blind investment and expansion. When the group buying hot, I think we all should know that at that time, the corresponding enterprise is the most interesting what is right, yes, advertising, burn money, play marketing. It can be said that when the streets and lanes everywhere can be heard, the group purchase promotional copy, slogan, but in this one seems to occupy the site of the juncture, beauty group always halt the troops and wait to put more effort, but in the mining of product development and market demand. But this time the United States still have no choice but to expand the market, steady, solid precipitate their users. Wang’s view, the service experience is an important part of a new industry, as long as this part of the consumer recognition, then it is the most effective advertising, the most appropriate brand publicity. Not only that, in other manufacturers after the burn to enclosure, the U.S. group seemingly fell again. The original beauty group to enter the city but about 90, while other manufacturers are beginning to claim cooperation in the city has reached 200, so this time the United States Mission in busy what? Yes, it is a detailed layout for vertical field. From the data, the United States Mission in 2013 from the movie ticket group purchase transactions accounted for about 10% of the Chinese movie box office, hotel group purchase transactions accounted for the entire hotel group purchase industry 70%, absolute advantage beauty group in the film, the hotel business has been reflected, and the client is also independent delicacy food immediately to do this line, catch scale before the competition, before work attention not only for the vertical field. Not only that, in the quality control and reference, even now the new city, the group strategy is still proprietary, and pay particular attention to indicators of refinement in the process, and the establishment of the financial index, practical and accurate to the extreme.

desktop vs mobile, mobile wins

pays attention to the opportunity of the United States, and its inherent brand culture is doing the right thing at the right time. When everyone was in the cold winter, the group began using BMW to recruit talent. In 2012, there was an upsurge of recruitment of BMW, which for the long term

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