Ma Grassland miss my first domain name transaction

Ma Grassland miss my first domain name transaction

July 28, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

in change rapidly on the Internet, made of the domain name, site water. With the passage of time, one after another all-powerful or unknown to the public website, in the vicissitudes of "you Changba me play". However, most can only eternal website domain name, it also only let those nostalgia nostalgia people relish, immersed in the past and bad music network arena.

I just involved in the Internet, the first domain name registration is his name spelling: Horse prairie, is now developing like a raging fire has become a comprehensive website: read step world forum. However, the author makes a symmetric read is hereby shaped domain wise cudgel thinking, because it was free registration, so in order not to miss the chance, a lot of thought to think of the domain name registration. Later, in the growth of network knowledge, it was found that this domain name may not be so good, but the appearance of "good memory" type of "just", but it is difficult to give it meaning. Facing the renewal occasion, a few days to continue to hesitate.

give up, after all, spent a lot of effort, and included good, the PR value has reached 3. Stick to it, but it’s hard to find a breakthrough at the moment, and it also takes a lot of energy. Later, because of worry, and the domain name registrar consulted, spent 20 yuan a year (the year to renew a new domain name registration is still the first year one yuan). That is to say, I still have confidence, insist again one year! May be a blessing to have sincerity, for my relief for me is "chicken ribs" of the heart, one day, I received an e-mail, turned out to be people who want to purchase the domain name, the letter said that he has already registered some series of domain names associated with this name, because of the special love this.CN at the end of the domain name, hope I can transfer. Hearing the news, I could not help feeling relieved and happy at once. For a moment, we’ll negotiate and negotiate the domain name.

The focus of the

problem, of course, lies in the price of the domain name, which is key to many buyers and sellers who cannot negotiate. With the frequent exchanges of e-mail and QQ between the two of us, we have become more aware of the sincerity of both sides of the transaction, which adds a lot of confidence. Since the national judicial examination was going on, it was necessary to show off to the other party first and then for the first time, but there is still opportunity for cooperation. Later, after I learned that he was lucky to pass the national judicial examination, and the "mood", came to the A5 began to consider how to deal with the sum of unfinished transactions to domain name. We started to contact again. This time, I was holding "the gentleman bring a romance to a happy ending" mentality and he talks, so considering each other’s economic strength and personal preferences, the final transaction price is not too high, but a mere six hundred yuan. The other side is also very pleased, to find intermediaries on A5 to help deal. Since it is the first time to do domain name transactions on the Internet, and there are intermediary guidance and insertion, everything is simple and quick

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