A brief analysis of several group buying websites in China

A brief analysis of several group buying websites in China

July 28, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

this I entered Shanghai network group purchase Suzhou Railway Station find web pages from the original suzhou.shtuangou.com to jump to suzhou.tg.com.cn, out of curiosity, I opened the website announcement found the page announcement wrote " January 1, 2010 0, regulating the family network (Shanghai group purchase network) will be officially opened the domain name: tg.com.cn".

after the author according to the website contact way to understand, as for the purchase price, Shanghai buy nets Suzhou Railway Station website person in charge always said, to 200W yuan.

for buying the domain name to do group purchase station in the end there is no way out, the author’s analysis, the group purchase station industry competition is so fierce, spend big price to buy the domain name to do, I want to have a certain strength or economic foundation, it is difficult to expand. According to the Shanghai group buying web site responsible person revealed that Shanghai group buying network in 2007 to obtain 1000W U.S. dollars of venture capital, is the only building materials industry to obtain venture capital sites. At present, the family planning network has started listing preliminary preparation, plans to be listed in 2010.

according to my understanding, at present, the national nature of the group buying site, in addition to Shanghai Qijia network, as well as the city buy network, and 51888 group buying network. I make a simple comparison here.

first from the domain name for comparison, city group buying network using more independent domain name development model, as the webmaster of me, really don’t understand the advantages of this model where?. Multi independent domain name that dispersed the site traffic, but also affected the domain name ranking, and it is not easy to play a collective advantage. This and Shanghai buys a net to spend the behavior that buys tg.com.cn greatly contrary. Besides 51888.com.cn, the domain name may take homophonic I want the hair, a little tacky, but huge company even 5 domain name com is not recovered, or is the domain name awareness is weak, or is the company operation situation is bad. This round of Shanghai buy net wins.

from the world ranking and PR comparison, 51888 ranked 115212, pr=3, the city group purchase network using multi domain independent, this comparison can only compare his domain (sub station Forum on the use of the same domain, and the domain name citytogo.com.cn) is ranked 267369, PR =3, Shanghai network group purchase ranked 10534 obviously, not a grade.

simple comparison from the number of sub stations, 51888 is 28 sub stations, the city buy network is 24 sub stations, Shanghai buy network is also 24 sub stations. Not quality, only by comparison, 51888 wins.

from the popular forum, as everyone knows to know a website’s popularity can come out from the forum preliminary judgment, in April 14th the station data for comparison, Shanghai network group purchase posting date is 33212, city group purchase network is 845, but the forum.

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