DC industry please do not create opportunities for second primitive people

DC industry please do not create opportunities for second primitive people

July 28, 2017 bksuroys 0

on the "Taizhou hominid network" incident, I believe we have heard of, and another volume escaped IDC business. Internet integrity problems comparable to the reality of social integrity, the urgent need for someone to pay for it. The "primitive" event, not for the first time, certainly will not be the last, most suffer than ordinary webmaster, hard management website, said disappear, not only by direct economic losses, but also to work under physical and mental, conscientious IDC operators, you do me wrong?

integrity of the Internet, especially the integrity of the IDC industry, the industry is not a day for two days of demand, the industry standard has not only made the webmaster once again had to suffer a loss, after the "original" incident, the relevant departments do not the urgent introduction of relevant laws and regulations of


but the IDC industry is no easier to draw up industry norms than other industries in real life. If the industry rules are easy to make, I believe that the current industry problems will not be so much. The virtual, free and extensive nature of the Internet determines the rapid development of the network, but it also brings a lot of hidden dangers for network security. Industry norms need all aspects of joint efforts, and consciously abide by, only the industry norms, the industry as a whole can have good development.

1, relevant departments should strengthen supervision, regular inspection.

IDC low barriers to entry, less capital investment, as long as do domain name and host a server and a domain agent can do up; do the server hosting and rent, as long as the machine rent a cabinet, buy a few sets of cheap servers can start running. At present, IDC enterprises are numerous, but the good and bad are intermingled, and it is difficult for users to make a distinction. They are often confused by advertising or appearance, resulting in losses. The relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of these enterprises, the regular inspection of the industry; disputes and complaints should be promptly dealt with the repeated complaints, incorrigible enterprises to a closed station punishment. Industry to develop, we must constantly improve, the survival of the fittest is the law of the industry. In addition, for the IDC website filing problem, the relevant departments should strictly check, not every application is issued "business license". Relevant departments to strengthen supervision, the user faces fewer IDC providers, security will be relatively secure.

2, the industry should strengthen supervision.

as the saying goes, peers meet exceptionally jealous. IDC between enterprises is for users of the relationship, it is obvious that the interests of confrontation, if peers can strengthen supervision, the entire industry should be more perfect. Of course, there may be vicious competition, supervision and reporting of each other. Some methods are honest, others may be illegal. For example, the "original" incident, according to informed sources, as early as in June 20th the original people have all of their servers for such transfer, isn’t that a little wind sways grass, the wind industry? Now, owners of the disaster has caused, such as:

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