How to improve the trust of the website

How to improve the trust of the website

July 28, 2017 uttpdooa 0


as a webmaster or website operator, must be on the website trust degree this concept is not strange, Baidu Official Website Trust Degree explanation is: "website credit degree refers to the user to give your website the degree of trust.". The user’s confidence in the site is the basis for the user’s activities on the site."

The official

concept space hole theory, popular terms, the comprehensive performance of the website trust is the user of the site’s memory, recognition and trust, not a measure of the specific value, but also a kind of value recognition. From this point of view, the website trust is significant to a website. The higher the trust, the higher the flow rate (direct traffic) and the higher conversion rate (including click through rate and single order rate).

so, how to improve the confidence of users is a personal webmaster or website operator, especially individual webmaster, need to think about.


the user on the site, can be divided into three levels, the first level memory hierarchy, also is to let the user know you from what he obtained; for example, users come to your website and get some guidance on the postpartum recovery, after what she can for this particular site do you remember from the content, rather than just remember these information from the Internet a forgot the name of the website; the second level, level of recognition, when a user is looking for the same information, you can think of the website, let the user from a search engine from passing into loyal users; for example, the user wants again looking for postpartum recovery in other aspects of information, she did not go to search engine "postpartum recovery" keywords, but directly to your site looking for; third levels of trust level of users Your site is fully trusted and your website is the domain authority. That is when users in other web site to see the conflict about postpartum recovery content and your website content, she only believes in your website statement, rather than other sites; and when her friends need postpartum recovery of information, she will be your site to introduce the most authoritative source of information to a friend.

implementation of the first layer: differentiation. The so-called difference is to make your website different. China’s Internet, homogenization of the site tens of thousands, want to stand out in a large number of similar sites, users remember in mind, only to make themselves different.

makes its website different, can be carried out in two aspects, one, page design; two, the content of the website. Web page design, first of all to be beautiful and clean, not necessarily very gorgeous; a second and most important, have a unique style, to let the user first saw the site has a good website and this special feeling shines. The content of the website, first of all, the text style to personality, alternative; secondly, content in the practical basis to meet the user to maintain their uniqueness, to provide users with what others did not provide.

except through differentiation >

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