From the traditional industry perspective Adsense groups

From the traditional industry perspective Adsense groups

July 28, 2017 laecpour 0

first of all, let me introduce myself. I’m from Henan. I’m an art teacher. I’m mainly engaged in education. It’s easy to stand now. It’s easy to start with. Because there are plenty of basic procedural arches we choose. The technical service is also good.. But why have we been doing this for so long?. Why not do it all the same?. Income has always been a problem. Let me talk a little about what I understand.

1. Discover, discover, and discover from your side.

I’m an educated student, so I’m pretty familiar with the education industry. I’m taking my death pay at school for a few years now. Plus, the art teacher didn’t have enough lessons and thought life was boring. Then I thought of doing the station. My website is, a small website for education industry. My station doesn’t have much traffic. I just use SupeSite to build a simple website. Personally, I’m very skilled, so I can say nothing. After setting up this site, I began to use my resources to start publicity from me. Organize some activities locally. By now, IP is only around 500.. For me, it’s hard for me to make more traffic. I don’t understand the development process. Two do not understand SEO. Basically by collecting something. Later, slowly, some small training institutions in our county even contacted me. Let me advertise.. Although the income is very little. But I’m still happy.. This is my first pot of gold. But the money is still insignificant.

2. What is advertising?. For small Adsense, advertising is for others to work, for other people realize value.

slowly, I think the advertising revenue is too little. Began to look elsewhere.. Can I make use of this station to make some money?. The meager advertising costs have made me less and less satisfied. Later, I simply did not advertise on the website, so that the site also felt a bit clean. For a while, one of my friends suddenly found me, he also engaged in the art industry, but it is difficult to find the source.. Later, I thought, my own book art teacher, why didn’t I use my advertising platform?. You are building a training institution, so you don’t make more money. Although my website IP is not many, but in the local public praise is still good. Later, I organized a studio with my friend. Because I am a school teacher after all, the time is not very abundant, so a piece of do. Later, I played on the website, the site designated training institutions articles, even in the first year attracted me dozens of students, now slowly developed. My studio has taken shape and is on track. I also embarked on a well-off road, ha ha. Don’t talk too much. I think webmaster should combine their advantages to do the site. To find value, if left out of these. Then, please leave the industry. Nor will it be of great value.

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