How can increase website traffic free of charge

How can increase website traffic free of charge

July 25, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

The following

methods are not generally recommended for use, but the use of appropriate will achieve better results.

one, group mail,

Although most of the people by the

spam bitter, but it also can really play a role, pay attention to carefully write e-mail title, as short as possible, as far as possible, simple and clear, finally to say sorry, does not recommend the use of "do you remember me? Please look at the new site I like at the beginning.

two, play text lawsuit

for example, this article is the original site, if once I found which website reproduced, and do not say hello, then I’m happy, immediately write an article for crusade. Even to court, the bigger the better. This method is good, not only easy to get the tacit understanding of each other, and mutual benefit, we all become famous. Ha ha, need to explain is that this method is not original. More clever is a reflexive thinking, you specifically to reprint those marked original, not reproduced articles, an intermediate home security home, it is better to name a relatively large site. Or if you’re looking for good blog posts, you’d better try to tell him to get angry with him after you’ve turned his paper. Using this method to get close, the best private.

three, QQ group, IP group, message board mass, and so on

QQ group is generally crackdown advertising, but you can say I’m 3721 diversion, talent network promotion, after the group should pay attention to anyone about the problem of finding a job, or do you find a friend to go to ask questions, to answer you, now the employment situation is very bad, this problem is very attractive. And also pull a lot is looking for a job or want to jump people asking, you must try to answer, finally say: "everyone can be free to not 3721 talent network to see, or you just go in and said:" the new report, do work, if you want to find a job, can I asked, "Oh, don’t go out


four, forum posting


forum is a relatively important position, my test results are: in the popularity of fair forum, a post effect is: 48 hours 800 clicks, but should pay attention to the quality of the posts, do not recommend pure advertising, do not recommend a IP address over top, not recommended on * * the title of the money (few letters). The better way is not to let people see it.

five, Internet cafes set home page


can bring great hits, but the precondition is your boss and the Internet (NMS) more familiar, he is willing to help you do, and this method for many types of sites are not appropriate, such as our talent network, here is the website including social Vientiane site best, another platform such as our company’s business: interactive alliance.

six, find a master to do rankings

is said to find a master who will do the site within three days

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