Adult education examination training hot training site into the candidate object of attention

Adult education examination training hot training site into the candidate object of attention

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2010 national civil service exam has ended at the end of November 2009. Now the social form of employment is not optimistic, and the birth of a new group: "gold-bowl seekers", people often have stable life image of the metaphor of a bowl, bowl of gold, silver bowl, a secure job, welfare, salary, bonuses are very impressive, is the "golden rice bowl", in today’s society can be said to be the most stable the occupation. Gold-bowl seekers is such a group of young people, some have spent years in business, some are about to bid farewell to the campus, they have a common characteristic is to take the civil service exam, as in today’s severe employment situation for a stable foothold. So this year in the number of candidates exam record manager Recruitment number and register number proportion is very high, can be described as "thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bridge", fierce competition as much as the annual college entrance examination.

in 2010, the national examination written examination has ended, ten million examinee achievement has been settled, waiting for the interview, this last difficulty. It is not difficult to find in the finished state exam, in order to get good grades, more and more people choose some professional civil service exam training institutions before the training, some training institutions, to vigorously promote, and under the banner of "guess" banner, with high hit rate as a gimmick, touted by the candidates.

today, fierce competition as much as in the examination of the provincial exam has ended, this year the country’s 13 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) for the first time in the implementation of the civil service exam exam, unified examination time, examination questions by the administrative department of civil servants national unity proposition. It is reported that 13 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) were recruited more than 4.7 people, involving candidates may be more than 1 million 200 thousand people. The entrance exam is whether the number of recruiting or exam number, has reached even more than the 2010 national civil service examination scale. Although the number of recruiting continues to increase, but it is far behind the growth of candidates. Therefore most of the candidates in the hopes of the exam in a high degree of authority, credibility, and training to ensure the quality of training, especially the training network without location limit, schedule flexibility is also high, the majority of working people of all ages.

it is understood that the current civil service network training institutions a wide range of brands, and the cost is not low. A large civil service exam training institutions in the network sprint class a total of 5 days of training time, the cost is about 700 yuan, mainly including two parts and Chuanjiang point. Five days sprint will be 700 yuan, long-term training courses believe that fees are also quite a lot. In the face of all kinds of all kinds of network training, should be a high hit rate, high rate of mostly written by a gimmick, not quite trust, candidates need to choose carefully, to prevent fraud but also delay the exam opportunity.

how to choose trustworthy network training institutions, most candidates become the most concerned about the problem. Not only is the civil service examination, foreign language test, PubMed, accounting qualification certificate examination training, and all kinds of related network training are similar problems. As a result, web training websites become candidates’ concerns

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