BSEO theory of website planning

BSEO theory of website planning

July 25, 2017 lejlgizx 0

in site planning process, when a web site architecture and the main keywords are fix, we have to do is cramming work. The objective of this work is to make the site reach the standard.

learned Erudite

you see, our website is prepared for whom? The answer is clear, browsing and search engines. For your visitors, a dry, lack of information of the website, is not attractive, he is not on the website for one more minute, because let him continue to browse without content for. Search engine, web content not enough (WEB), it is impossible to produce a large collection of pages. Not included page, how can people search to your website.

these two reasons, the content of the website and the amount of information is very important. BSEO website planning theory, the third letters E, Erudite learned the meaning for a web site, I understand there are three meanings:


: first learned the basic meaning, is to store large amounts of information. First, the amount of information the site should be as large as possible. One hundred pages to be learned than ten pages. This is a simple truth. Of course, style and knowledge is different from.

second: piling up large amounts of information to be learned, but the order of the organization, has arranged, be arranged, and linked to each other. This is very important, around the site architecture and keywords, long tail word segmentation and technology. This will considerably more information than adsorption. For example, a keyword is: from the table can the extension inside out a lot of information, table materials, table styles, table styles, table and so on in the market price, from a series of two level information in the extension table material, the origin, characteristics of materials, materials and so on, this news, the infinite chain, your website is a table of.

third: update. All the information is not in one step. The website information update frequency to ensure certain. This update is the best original, the difference should be finished in the process. It can guarantee the quality of website information.

site planning BSEO theory, learned the role is critical, erudite is a web of flesh and blood, no flesh and blood web site, there is hope for survival and development. Hope that the majority of webmaster, realize this point, and make your own website full of information, flesh and blood web site.

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