A day for grass roots

A day for grass roots

July 25, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

in the morning or as usual, around 12, get up, habitually press the computer boot button, open IE, enter www.zhj5.cn, press enter, let people spitting scene miraculously:

Service Unavailable

I cannot read what it means, I am ignorant, how is this going? Website was hacked? A vaguely remember a brother about to do Links with me yesterday, I took a look at the site included him, it is not acceptable, then politely refused him, remember him at last in a word: your baby is so nancihou site? OK, I will have your site links, do not touch your light. This let me start reverie, because this is not the thing that the brother of grudge, my baby site for a retaliatory attack? Because, if so, now do the stations were not careful, always guard against, the day of the event against which you, also is the network master, the hard years of effort is not over


hurried to contact the technician, to negotiate with the space management business, the answer is the website upload illegal content "Chairman Mao resurrection", it makes me puzzled, yesterday I also updated a few news, a few jokes, write a bit log, which is not what to do when things? And this article also have uploaded ah, why was all right, up to now to say that there is a problem of


beg Grandpa, grandma finally wait until the reply, said the site can enter, oh, that call a happy ah, quickly into the web site, press enter, and there has been a shocking scene:

you are not authorized to view this page,

the Web server you are trying to access has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the site, and the IP address of the computer you are browsing for is also in it.

my IP is banned from browsing the web? What’s the matter,

?I said

technology ah, can you please, forgive me, please take my baby to fix this day ah, I don’t see it, it is a heart cold ah. Think it hard to do more than a year, and it is my feeling of blood is thicker than water like close ah, not to mention it every month can help me make some meals ah, my heart that is a worry, one minute lost dozens of www.zhj5.cn, no, I’ll lose an hour lose it hundreds of times, I thought, if God let me lose one thousand times out, the labor would lose it one thousand times, according to its one thousand ENTER key, but God didn’t work, finally in the afternoon 4 points can be, my baby is perfect as ever in my before, a joy that is really hard to describe in words, hurried into the background, ready to update the article up, otherwise sorry the majority of users.

who would have thought I was ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and finished?

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