Old master teach you how to optimize the station GGAD advertising

Old master teach you how to optimize the station GGAD advertising

July 24, 2017 lejlgizx 0

is wandering around A5 today, seeing an article entitled "how to optimize advertising on website for 10 days, and why advertising optimization". After reading it, it is as simple as the title. In fact, the optimization of website advertising is like website keywords optimization, a reason, just good, one is the most common keywords optimization, and the other is the website itself advertising content optimization.


wants to say in this article is about text ads in Google ads.. The purpose of advertising on the website is to make money. Different advertisements make different money. Different advertisements make different money. An ad for site A is not necessarily for site B. Many of these factors tell you the importance of advertising optimization.

two pages have the same ad code, generated advertising click price will also have the very big difference, in the face of Google’s advertising text, as everyone knows, the page content displayed advertising content and advertising is currently placed have great relevance, can be up to a certain degree, if GGAD is displayed the advertisement decided at the level of the GGAD page content directly to award you GGAD the level of income. Why? Because GG’s AD display matches the content of the current page first, and if no matching ads are found, the display ad is randomly generated. See here, you will think whether this can be targeted to optimize GGAD advertising,

?Optimization of page

often said on the Internet, the matching degree is actually optimal page content and advertising content, as seen here, many friends have asked, how to optimize GGAD, and how to effectively carry out the content of the page and the content of the advertisement information,


here, I would like to recommend a tool that is Google keyword clicks estimation tool (https://adwords.google.cn/select/trafficestimatorsandbox) and (https://adwords.google.cn/select/KeywordToolExternal)

keyword recommended tools

well, let’s start with the critical click estimation tool. In this tool, we can enter the keyword we want:


1" enter the keyword, each line only enter a word:

input here in four formats, namely:

keyword: widely matched

Keywords: match exactly the same phrase "


[keyword]: only matches exactly the same word "-


keyword: inconsistent with this word,


2" select currency. Enter a maximum CPC to estimate >

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