Talk about the experience of a new station in the dead

Talk about the experience of a new station in the dead

July 24, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

the last month, I learned to start a website. Because never touched it. At the suggestion of a friend to do a photo station: a preliminary study under the station network knowledge of beauty every day, from the purchase of the domain name space, as a template to add a certain amount of resources, the overall framework for second days, so the site began on the city. Friends to stand to do a good SEO, I insist on updated content every day, second days was GG included, and then probably after 14 days of the morning, found by Baidu included 44 pages, the heart can not tell the taste of the United States and the United states.

Baidu included after I started doing some Links, find that Baidu included normal and PR value in the small picture 1 or 2 stations, under the guidance of a friend because I stand on the IP after 3 days to 2000, so this is about right, every day I updated slowly, to believe you must be able to do. But who knows the weather is unpredictable, in my station after spending 26 days in the morning, when I enter the, found a related web page not found, my station was Baidu K off, for I do stand against the novice very small, the mood is very depressed.

              then go to Baidu search, find the cause and was K by K after the solution, I stand every day 10 customers, but not the content of the collection, page home page has been kept clean and dare not move, I have been making matters note that the above, only feel no attention should be Links appeared in dead links, I removed the dead links on the site, the suspicious place made changes, in addition to the big portal built a blog, add some links, hope that the site can be Baidu included again, though many of the statements made by Baidu K off once the site is difficult to be included, suggestions for rice, but I love the meters, and confident in the station, I decided to do it, can now put me first A child killed it?.

is K in the morning of the second day, when I open Baidu, enter the URL of the habit, I can’t believe my eyes again, Baidu included my website, although only one page, but this is a great encouragement to me, I am sure that Baidu on my way. Or work. Third days, I also see my website has been included 164 articles, become a little excited.

today to write this article, just want to do with those of their own experience to share the new station, tell them to do not ignore the small local station, Links to check every day, it is more important to always have confidence in yourself, have confidence in their own station. Maybe my example is a coincidence, but as a grassroots webmaster, lost confidence and effort is not


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