Site construction and operation to Faithful words grate upon the ear

Site construction and operation to Faithful words grate upon the ear

July 24, 2017 nfyactcp 0

station, what is the station? Some people build a single page web site with domain name; also some people carefully maintain a website program also called site; or a team, a group of like-minded friends gather personal strengths together to build the Internet service platform is also called site. But I would like to say today: only the construction of a profitable site is called "site building", otherwise it is just a web page to play games. How many websites can’t make ends meet every day? How many webmaster resources and energy have been swallowed up by "black hole" Internet game? As a grass root webmaster, you can’t afford to lose. Why? The webmaster circle is a paradise for entrepreneurs. The hell of the loser is not extreme, and the reality is so cruel. Although all people are eligible to participate in it, but not all people can afford to play. Next, if you want to hear what I’m saying, take a few minutes to slow down:

1: select the fields that suit your money to execute

has the phrase "choice is greater than effort" and applies equally to Internet start-ups. But the difference between Internet start-ups is that not all industries that make money can choose, even if you can stick to it. In the webmaster circle must choose their own good industry to do so, don’t force yourself to do not love but seemingly qianchengwuyou website. To know the world adventure.has, if only by the moment all made a wrong decision, after every two or three days passion, the rest is some what? Don’t look at the others in making money, blindly fanatic imitation? If so, you are not in the site, just playing web games, because the station is a heart to earnings process.

two: things don’t worry about you is the basic conditions of

three days fishing nets two days of drying, when what is your business? As a webmaster to do, or to realize their own ideal, to endure loneliness is the basic condition to succeed. Or there are some Adsense in the update site after a period of time, found that the search engine has not too awesome began slacking off, then start. Update the site first also frequently, but in the later get used to find excuses for yourself, it may, perhaps uncertain factors such as to search engine body, the sky diaoxianbing thing, so don’t understand why? As a webmaster, what is success? There is a common flash point "unremittingly in many successful people, until success" courage. In the face of failure unyielding Yuezhanyueyong, facing the success is not pleased with oneself, know and do every thing, even if you fail the final harvest a lot. Moreover, God helps those who help themselves, did not do bad things, only those who have done wrong.

three: although everything is hard in the beginning but also need to do

is not all websites can do with personal interests, some websites even if you spell 24 hours of time may not be busy results. For example, to illustrate the following: personal webmaster forum, such an example!

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