The new owners don’t hurry as hard carefully picked up their residual stone

The new owners don’t hurry as hard carefully picked up their residual stone

July 24, 2017 azwnolxx 0

when a new webmaster has his own first station, what kind of mood will be? This kind of feeling, we must not be strange, it can be said to be very exciting, as long as their own station,.

here comes from bad, such as excitement, and before I had seen those from search engines to search the relationship between SEO. Haha, right now, the first is to submit a site of Baidu search engine, and then just as Baidu know, Baidu and so on Post Bar that see the "SEO" technology in the article in fact, brush up here, the station can draw your dead half!


why do you say that? After I test (in fact is not a test, it is really not to do stupid), a network made out of the station, there is absolutely no way to effect induced by spiders included (included time can not be compared, because the two methods according to the actual situation, to do) say? Because the artificial submission included, is through manual intervention, Baidu manual intervention is very strict, especially in the last month of the Olympic Games, they are basically not audit website, if you stand what violations, and may have not seen the light let K (three film station this is my domain name), in fact this is not the major, mainly is the artificial submission, you in a long time, Baidu only included your home page, this is the most terrible, some people say that it is possible to obtain artificial submission to good ranking, this kind of words sometimes. There is a point, but I tested, only valid for the old domain name, the new domain name row a few days, good rankings, and then dropped, in fact, there is no effect.

so that the new station, which is a bit restrictive, not artificial submission. Do not take artificial submission, what method fast included? Of course, and good luck, 1 to 3 days (can be manually submitted basically impossible this time included), then what is the method? We see a lot of this because of the introduction, they are right did not say, is quick to set up the chain, the method is simple and the Baidu know Post Bar (remember not much hair, a line), other is all kinds of famous station, it is more like Admin5, is also a very good here in the AD platform, without any restrictions, Baidu spider, it is time to update, is a day without a turn, yesterday I posted out only 20 minutes, Baidu will have a course in well-known station must be content to attract, must also be original, white soft linen, Must be soft well, don’t let people think they have a role in the specific content to see you play! The best is the chain spend hundreds of dollars to buy a few good points of the new station is also good, do not need too much chain, find a few weight high chain station on the line, the purpose is to speed up collect, possibly because the chain began to get a good ranking.

if you are a fairly formal station, you can choose to submit manually, but after you submit it manually, you don’t do anything else, such as "crazy brush" or "what if"

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