Shudder with fear! A server accidentally deleted data recovery process

Shudder with fear! A server accidentally deleted data recovery process

July 15, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

After two days of unremitting efforts,

finally restored a failed operation to delete the production server data. Keep a record of the accident process and solutions and remind yourself that no one else is making the mistake. Also hope that friends who encounter problems can find a spark of inspiration to solve the problem.

accident background

arranged for a sister to install Oracle on a production server, while the sister installed the edge of the study and felt it was wrong, ready to uninstall and reinstall. Find the uninstall method from the Internet, where you want to execute a row command to delete the Oracle installation directory, and the commands are as follows:


if the ORACLE_BASE variable is not assigned, the command becomes

RM -rf /*

==||, woman used but root account. In this way, the entire disk file was deleted, including the application of Tomcat, MySQL database, and, so, on….

(MySQL database is not running? Linux can delete the file is being executed? Anyway, completely deleted, and finally left a Tomcat log file, it is estimated that the file is too large, did not delete the success of the moment)

looked at the girl’s eyes and remorse, because this is I arranged for her to do, there is no clear concerns with her, without any training, responsibility can only be a person back, and how can let the beauty bear this responsibility?

call to the room, the disc hanging onto another server, SSH to view the file all is cleared, the server running but a customer’s production system, has been running for half a year, to recover as soon as possible. So to find offline backup database backup file, found that only 1KB, there are only a few familiar notes (mysqldump is crontab implementation of the backup script problem), the best backup is 2013 December, really it pours.

think a leader said the case: when a production system hang, found that all backup has a problem, the CD ROM there are scratches, tape machine broke (one of the industry’s predecessors, previous estimates also do a backup CD), really did not expect to come to me today

, how to do??

leaders are aware of the situation, has made the worst plan B: leadership led and product AA customers are located in the city on Sunday, Monday to leadership communication; BB and CC to the customer manager over there trying to persuade customers…

help straw –ext3grep

please go online to check the data deleted data recovery, really found a ext3grep can restore.

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