What should college students do

What should college students do

July 15, 2017 upgypqbj 0

Internet rapid popularization, for modern college students, do station is not high threshold, but then came the university students, university students do stand facing various problems. In this regard, we university students should pay attention to the station, and share with you.

, conflict between station and academic course

believes that being a station owner will spend a lot of time on his website. What you do regularly, including content release and maintenance, site promotion, program installation / development / upgrade, etc.. Although, a College Station, or their own professional or not, more or less can learn valuable knowledge and experience, but also are based on consumption of other time their precious study time and life. In order to take care of his beloved station, we will skip class, will dodge some other things. Perhaps you would say that it is not uncommon for college students to skip classes, but as a student, schoolwork is the most important thing. Can not say no truancy will how, truancy will how, at least, we can not neglect their studies, we should grasp in their most basic courses, to expand their knowledge, to do my favorite things. We can’t lose it. So, when we face these problems, we should allocate our own things reasonably. We should not make ourselves busy every day, but we haven’t done many practical things. Although we are so much better than the students who play games, chat, watch movies and so on all the time, we have to reflect on how much we have created.

countermeasures: 1, reasonable allocation of time, every day, every week, every month make plans, without affecting their academic premise, to their station to take care of the fire.

2, improve the efficiency of the work, encountered a problem that can not be solved for a while, we can put aside first, deal with the things that can be dealt with quickly, and then overcome the problems encountered. So we don’t spend a morning on a problem, and nothing else can be dealt with.

3, the curriculum must be according to the amount of quality good, do not corrupt the exam, you will find that you actually had a very full.

two, do standing and physical health problems

China’s ordinary webmaster are very tired, spend more than 9 hours a day in front of the computer. It is very unfavorable for students to have enough sleep every day. Just like a lot of powerful people playing games, can do not get out of bed for a month, the computer is open 24 hours, it is not difficult to imagine, the harm is quite large. We ourselves do not find anything, I do not mind, but your relatives, your girlfriend love dearly ah. We didn’t notice too little attention until that day when we were out of shape.

countermeasures: 1, efficient handling of things every day, as far as possible not in front of the computer, leave the

2, use computers in minutes, for example

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