Stealing food can also be a good way to promote websites

Stealing food can also be a good way to promote websites

July 15, 2017 uttpdooa 0

some people see this title will feel very strange! How to steal food promotion, in fact, if you go to find everywhere promotion methods, certainly some people will want to steal food, is not a happy network to steal food! Congratulations! In fact, this method is very simple, very practical, in happy farm, happy net QQ happy farm, ranch, farm and ranch Baidu space are useful, of course, there are a lot of Farm Ranch, I not say, find yourself! Now meet in the young people will ask, you grow vegetables? I’m not depressed stolen. 55555555555. so often encountered in our daily life! Or enter the theme.

everyone in several farms I said above have found no unified rules! That is whether you help, bad or steal the system will automatically display some words to you. For example, "thank you, and help me weed it" is similar. In fact, this sentence can be replaced. You can make your ad, or promote advertising, just plain URL, anyway, you show it, others see it. In the course of time, in the eyes of others will have an impression; but the QQ farm has 12 word limit Oh, the other I haven’t tried is not very clear, like Taobao Amoy arena in the happy farm, you can advertise, specifically what see you to find the promotion! Methods in line with your friends, friends and relatives know the theory.

, such as my website, the solar system, Taobao sourcing, shopping, free postage, then I’ll change the message to the introduction of this event. If the next stage, I want to launch other promotions, can also change other activities information. This way, while entertaining, it’s as long as someone puts bugs on the farm, water them, and steals the fruit. They can’t avoid seeing your activities,


how many farms and farms do you have?. See your time and energy while Oh, and the same as the previous QQ friend impression, can not be directly click, this is opportunity for publicity, can call your friends to help you propaganda, a farm has 100 friends, even see the 50 words, if there are 5 farms that have 250 people. But also to see every day, no impression is strange, do not go to see the website, who would believe?.

This method is suitable for

promotion selling clothing, shoes, jewelry, I personally think that this is a girl, playing office staff, sometimes the information that they are interested in, you can send a.

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