Yunnan group buying network from 0 to 50 million sales of the development process

Yunnan group buying network from 0 to 50 million sales of the development process

July 15, 2017 tazhawsu 0

dreams, persistence, sincerity four years of sword, my local portal site to explore the road of

— Yunnan group buying network from 0 to 50 million sales of the development process

first tell me about my personal experience:

very early to write what, 8 years, 4 years of entrepreneurship, road kankankeke, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, now often look back, there will be infinite feeling, can go today, it is not easy, many people think that now I think I’m the unlimited scenery, can not afford but, in fact, I, the road was muddy, only I know, this way, I take no shortcuts, only some of the dream, and adhere to the sincere.

I was born in a poor village, the village is so far only as a college student, then later how do not know, but so far, the threshold of the University, is still zero. From the primary school and junior high school, our class 30 students only up to 5 people, from middle school to high school, a class of 39 people to 4, from high school to college class of 50 up to 4 individual college, all eliminated, the amazing number of girls high school, the University who is zero once, in a certain period, I will think of these numbers, then just think, too exaggerated, could be so.

in my heart, my dream has been very simple, is to see the good, I will own to get through their own efforts, I remember when the hometown people ask me what I want to say, I must be a teacher, because the teacher in our eyes is how rich, more than 300 per month block, ready to eat meat, comfortable ah, and we only when all the year round, the twelfth lunar month will have to eat some meat, the rest of the time is not, on the high school, I fell in love with the town, where I feel very comfortable, much better than I was in the village in the county, although the day is too difficult, even harder than in the countryside school, eat, wear not warm, but is feel good, because people generally eat well, dress well, clean, and 3 years of high school career, I am full of energy, Many students feel the school is very painful, but I do every day to make endless efforts, standing in the classroom building, looked at the East, I thought I must pass the college entrance examination, must go out, but as for the school, where I was absolutely ignorant of, because I was facing the East is the Kunming City, and outside Kunming, we still don’t know what is, this is the time to dream, a strange combination of circumstances, I was admitted to Kunming Teachers College, is a specialist, but after all, is the University, at that time although very time was admitted to the school, but there is no choice, because the answer is, the home can not afford pain, entered the city of Kunming, felt good, the streets of the edifice, spacious road, a lot of cars, everything is new, heart Only one idea, I want to stay in this city.

, I was recorded

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