Pig quit nets CEO Zhu Mingyue share website experience

Pig quit nets CEO Zhu Mingyue share website experience

July 14, 2017 tazhawsu 0


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Internet: just as busy as

outside the city

I found a phenomenon in Xi’an this morning. In the past, as soon as I reached the city wall, I could see two entirely different worlds outside the city, and now it was as busy as the inner city. I would like to use this metaphor in the development of the internet. The Internet has now completely exceeded the geographical restrictions, whether in the northwest, southwest, or in Beijing, Shanghai, or the Internet, each has its own advantages. We have only one thing in the northwest and southwest, and one foot to the black at the starting point. That’s why we can stick to it. To do the Internet, we should continue to do a lot of simple things to continue to do, and this is the key to a success!


signature wall: Witkey world, call

I think it really depends on the project rather than the person who wants to keep people. Zhubajie.com has a wall is zhubajie.com staff signature walls, in which a line of characters, staff sign, is the spiritual motivation, with a pioneering spirit to do, rely on long-term value to retain people, I think this is a little; but again, people living in society on the great ideal of communism every day to him impossible, to make him satisfied, married a wife, we do in this respect is very good, but also very perfect in Chongqing social welfare, I think everyone in business together, which is a must.

honest man: love at first sight, get strategic financing

do you think I’m honest? The first reason may be that these investments are reassuring to such people. The second reason is that I quit my post as a journalist for more than ten years. A more honest person, who can give up everything and strive for his dream, feels that it is more reassuring. The third is such a honest person, willing to give up everything to the people, he runs a project, the project has to do but did not do, this time there is a relatively more assured to do so on the investment. Of course, we also need love at first sight. They have a common understanding of this project and have common values. For these reasons, we have made strategic financing.

peach blossom: between persistence and abandon

I think whether insist or give up, in that environment, then the condition, you must make some choices, not completely cut, I give up, not entirely from scratch to do this thing, I think that is not the case, and that in fact adhere to and give up, when we did the choice, we all feel very logical, but not as you think so complicated. At that time, why did I give up doing this thing? Actually, when I was a reporter, I also made such a website, and then the traffic rose, and many people called to pursue

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