Share your experience with picture stations

Share your experience with picture stations

July 14, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

very happy, Admin5 can give me this and you webmaster communication opportunities, today on a simple talk about my 38 beautiful pictures nets since the station some experience. this domain name is in a chance to see, at that time feel good, want to do the beauty of the article, there should be a little bit of meaning on the registration. In April 6th 38 officially launched early customers, first select their own keywords, and then analyze the website and keywords relevant pages on Baidu, the main is to analyze other people’s title, Description, Keywords, website structure, what the chain. The picture content is downloaded from the Internet through processing (mainly dealt with some watermarking) and then uploaded, it is important that the best picture title should be revised, not too long, to have keywords inside. About 100 themes were uploaded that day.

began Popularizing Station in April 7th. I’ve been sharing experience with Admin5 masters.

1, to the major search engines included login interface, enter your own domain name.

2, apply for several blogs, such as Baidu, Sina and so on, not too fast, Duoersan can be a blog to your site and related, I would apply for the three, and then upload some pictures on the site, of course, finally left your domain name.

3, to the forum community posting, of course, in order to leave their footprints. Admin5, Chinaz, im286 are recommended here.

4, exchange links, that’s also important. (I haven’t done this yet, because my station PR is 0, and it’s hard to swap.)

every day after uploading pictures, repeat such promotion, three days later, in April 9th, GOOGLE has been included. About a week later, Baidu included. It was a surprise, several key words in the first three pages. Do not know why so high? After the power, it is updated every day, every day to promote. By April 22nd, IP had reached 2000, PV3W more, and then I broke the U.S., and quickly put on the GG ad.

is my good times don’t last long, April 24th taking notice me, say my site traffic too seriously taking up the resources of others to my station I stopped, these days Baidu every day to update my station, I lit the snapshot is updated every day, ah was affected, the theory for a long time with. Worry or come on April 25th, check a few pages ago, all the key words, and all of a sudden they feel from the sky fell to the ground, that pain ah, tears clang. Later, calm down, immediately find space, and finally found a fellow in Ji’nan on IM286, bought space in him, upload procedures, debugging procedures, has been made yesterday, that is, April 26th.

did not reflect on Baidu today, >

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