Xiang Yu Hualong money how to make the local community operation

Xiang Yu Hualong money how to make the local community operation

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Hello, I am from the long lane (www.hualongxiang.com) website money Yu, today is very pleased to see so many China Internet elite, especially in our local communities China many brothers and friends, thank phpwind Wang Ji Wang always provide us with such an opportunity, here to share some small local websites operating experience the big issue in the US and, because of the limited time, not detailed operation of the community, because enough to write 10 books, and today many Internet heavyweights and experts, did not dare to say this day display slight skill before an expert, is a holistic thinking on the formation of our operations in recent years, believe that this simple framework ideas can help beginners local station stationmaster friends will say some comprehensive or comprehensive understanding of online community operations are the basic concept, can Not too vivid, but try to convey the most information points in the shortest possible time.

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long lane general manager Qian Yu delivered a keynote speech

First of all we have to do a

terminology, we must first understand the operation of the community, do what kind of things, he by those parts, part I think is the following:

said some of the more accurate positioning, content, website has thousands, why there are so many is a personal website forever, forever is the most quiet, do you want to become a real website so you will rise above the common herd, answer a few questions. Is that what you do? You do to see who? Why did he do it? Besides you, who else in providing this service? Before doing this thing you do not want to know, do you have what advantage? And then determine the would you like to do, how to do accurate positioning, direction of? In order to have, popularity is also valuable.

What do

promotion of word-of-mouth, mailing list activities, instant messaging tools, Links, SEO or club is we have not done to promote a comprehensive plan, how to try, how much money to spend, how much energy, this is an important work of community operation.

A feature of

interactive community website is different from other type of website is interactive, answer, this smelly egg flower score line activities a greeting message these are part of the interaction, how to make the community more interactive, and sexual development is an integral part of the operation.

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